John Gosling, Kinks Keyboardist, Passes Away at 75

Former Kinks Keyboard Player John Gosling Passes Away at 75

Remembering John Gosling’s Contribution to the Kinks

John Gosling, the former keyboard player for the iconic British rock band, the Kinks, has sadly passed away at the age of 75. Gosling joined the Kinks in 1970 and remained with the band until 1978, making significant contributions to their music during his tenure.

A Musical Journey with the Kinks

During his time with the Kinks, Gosling played on 10 albums and left his mark on some of their most beloved hits, including “Lola” and “Celluloid Heroes.” His keyboard skills added depth and texture to the band’s sound, making him an integral part of their success.

A Heartfelt Tribute from the Band

The news of John Gosling’s passing was shared on the Kinks’ official social media page, where they expressed their deep sadness and extended condolences to his wife and family. Lead singer Ray Davies paid tribute to his former bandmate, offering his condolences and wishing Gosling eternal peace. Lead guitarist Dave Davies also expressed his grief, highlighting Gosling’s significant contributions to the Kinks’ music and remembering him as a great musician and a great man.

Fond Memories from Drummer Mick Avory

Drummer Mick Avory, another member of the Kinks, shared his memories of Gosling, describing him as a dear friend and colleague with a fantastic sense of humor. Avory emphasized Gosling’s popularity within the band and the happy memories he left behind. He concluded his tribute by sending his blessings to Gosling.

A Legacy in Music

After leaving the Kinks, John Gosling continued his musical journey as a founding member of the Kast Off Kinks in 1994. The band, which also included former Kinks members Mick Avory, John Dalton, and Jim Rodford, carried on the spirit of the Kinks’ music. Gosling remained an active member until his retirement in 2008, leaving behind a lasting legacy.

Remembering John Gosling’s Contributions

Gosling’s departure from the Kinks led to Gordon Edwards of Pretty Things taking over on keyboards. However, his time with the band will always be remembered for his musical talent and his ability to bring something special to their sound.

A Loss Felt by Music Lovers Everywhere

John Gosling’s passing is not only a loss for the Kinks and their fans but also for the wider music community. His contributions to the band’s music and his role in shaping their sound will forever be cherished. Gosling’s talent and dedication to his craft will continue to inspire musicians and music lovers alike.

In Conclusion

John Gosling, the former keyboard player for the Kinks, has left an indelible mark on the world of music. His contributions to the band’s iconic sound will forever be remembered and celebrated. As we mourn his passing, we also celebrate the legacy he leaves behind and the joy he brought to countless fans around the world.