Adnan Qaiser

Adnan Qaiser began his professional career as a commissioned officer in the Pakistan army and took early release as a Major. While working in various command and staff positions, he developed a thorough understanding of national civil and military leadership, intelligence establishment, regional geopolitical players and the security and policy issues that preoccupied them. Moving on to international diplomacy, he fostered political, economic and cultural relations for the next 12½ years at bilateral and multilateral platforms, watching closely some of the most turbulent times in the South Asian and Middle Eastern politics from a G7 perspective. Emigrating to Canada in 2001 he upgraded his education and worked in various senior positions in public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Speaking many of the languages and having deep insight into the region he keeps writing (and publishing) papers on Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and the Middle East (including Canada’s military engagement in Afghanistan) and has been a regular commentator on Canadian television as well as a speaker at various eminent Canadian think tanks.

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“Sri Lanka’s struggle for peace and its lessons for Pakistan and...

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