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Haneul Na'avi is an independent journalist and geopolitical analyst based in the United Kingdom. He is a regular contributor to The Duran and has previously written for RT, Press TV, Global Research, and the Pravda Report.

What is the future of Russo-British Trade

Haneul Na’avi | “Mock on; thou hast a place of refuge; I am alone, an exile soon to be.” —Euripides, “Medea” The 29 November Russo-British Business...

Stalin’s Great Grandson on the Significance of the Communist Revolution Centenary.

Haneul Na’avi | We have the pleasure of interviewing Jacob Djugashvili, the great-grandson of the revolutionary leader and General Secretariat of the USSR, Joseph Vissarionovich...

What is behind Donald Trump’s UN General Assembly speech?

Haneul Na’avi | US president Donald Trump’s intimidating, hawkish UN General Assembly speech was, at best, an unflinching reaffirmation to US jingoism, despite his election...



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