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Lubna is a certified fitness leadership trainer from Canada and is looking to become a motivational speaker. She advises people on how to eat healthy by making substitutions in their diets, offer meal plans and add small habits in their routine. She also offer consulting on beauty and skincare routines, workouts and trainings as well as fashion styling.

Use ZINC to get yourself in sync!

Lubna Khan | With these beautiful seasonal changes, a lot of us have started to feel under the weather, here is something that can definitely...

4 Myths that are making you FAT AND SICK!

Lubna Khan | In the world of health and wellness, there are some fierce debates on things like calorie counting, avoiding good fats and genetics....

Have you ever had a Cheat day?

Lubna Khan Faraz | A cheat day is when you allow yourself to eat whatever you want, whenever you want – no counting calories or...

Seeds with benefits you won’t believe!

Lubna Khan Faraz | Let’s talk about big nutrition value; let’s talk about chia, hemp and flax seeds. These three superfoods are becoming quite the talk...

The logic behind overeating – Causes and remedies

Lubna Khan Faraz l Have you ever reached for another slice of pizza even though you feel full or ordered that warm brownie with vanilla...



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