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Shahid Anwar is a social and political analyst based in Islamabad. He has been writing for Dawn, The Nation, The News, and Weekly Cutting Edge.

Kot Momin incident: Do rules apply only on the weak?

Shahid Anwar | A few days ago, Kot Momin, a small town and Tehsil headquarter of Sargodha, became a buzzword on TV screens, newspapers, blogs...

Changing the academic landscape of Pakistan: Genuine educational leaders needed

Shahid Anwar | As the saying goes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” It sounds really true about the higher education of...

To improve education in Pakistan we need 2-Way communication

Shahid Anwar | Organizational theory tells us that institutions are a function of what they communicate and how!  Good institutions come from good understanding amongst...

Why Punjab’s Education in a total mess? Can it be fixed?

Shahid Anwar | Institutions or organizations build their internal structures to facilitate the achievement of their key objectives. However, at times the very structures designed...



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