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Zahid Mehmood is a PhD (IR) Candidate at National Defence University Islamabad, Pakistan, visiting faculty at NDU and a lecturer at National Officers Academy, Islamabad, Pakistan.

US vs Islamic Radicals: Protagonists deliberately using historical ideologies to clash?

Zahid Mehmood | For the West, Muslims are medieval zealots, while Muslims often see the West as their enemy. These two presumptions have led many...

Deconstructing US South Asia & Afghanistan Strategy

Zahid Mehmood | What if words do the job better than actions for you? What if words justify your preeminent position in the system by...

Is the Islamic military alliance already in shambles?

Zahid Mehmood Zahid | Political and geostrategic trajectories in the crisis-ridden Middle East are evolving so swiftly that US President Donald Trump chose the region...



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