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Zain Ullah Khattak is  Research Scholar in Areas Study Centre (China, Russia, Afghanistan, and Central Asia) at the University of Peshawar, Peshawar. He is Visiting Fellow at International Islamic University, Islamabad. He has extensively published his articles on socio-political thoughts and issues, education reforms, Sufis thoughts, and Philosophical issues.

Pakistan-Afghanistan-US: A historic triangle

Zain Ullah Khattak | The Trump administration’s decision to request Pakistan to help in Afghanistan peace process is one of the most significant and pragmatic...

Asia Bibi case verdict, fallacious arguments and our national mindset

Zain Ullah Khattak | Supreme Court of Pakistan, a leading judicial body of Pakistan, announces Asia Bibi case in Islamabad; as soon as declaration has...

Is Higher education priority of KPK Government? – Zain Ullah Khattak

Zain Ullah Khattak | Since 1947, the creation of Pakistan Education remained mostly as a provincial subject till the Constitution of 1973. HEC was established...

Post-by-Election Scenario: What should PTI do now?

Zain Ullah Khattak | By Election in Pakistan were held on 14, October 2018 on 11 National Assembly and 26 Provincial assembly constituencies under the...

Another ‘Thirty-Eighth Parallel’: Reality or Myth of the Durand Line?

Zain Ullah Khattak | Durand Line is a boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan, it spans from north Wakhan (KP) to the south in Chagai (Baluchistan)...



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