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Judge Mohammad Bashir, of the Accountability Court, today was again forced to delay the indictment of Maryam Nawaz and her husband, Capt. Safdar due to raucous scenes created by PML-N lawyers inside and outside the court. Nawaz Sharif, ex-premier, who was also to be indicted today, did not turn up in the court. Next court date is now October 19, however, given the repeated history of ugly scenes, violence, and political agitation, the future of this corruption case against Sharif family is becoming uncertain.

This is the second event of ugly raucousness or political agitation centered around the court proceedings. First happened on Nawaz Sharif’s initial appearance on Sept 26, when lawyers and workers barged into the courtroom in large numbers and ugly scenes of rowdiness and charged sloganeering took place inside the court. Judge Mohammad Bashir, then reacted by postponing the proceedings to Oct 2 and ordered that only limited number of people would come into court through prior registration.

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However on Oct 2, when Rangers deployed to protect court, stopped PML-N ministers and media persons, who were not on the Entry List, to enter the courtroom the Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal, turned that into an issue of “Civilian Supremacy”. On Monday 9 October, when Maryam and Safdar finally turned in the court, PML-N workers attacked the vehicles of NAB officials which brought Nawaz’s son-in-law to the NAB court.

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Watch video of confrontation below:

Video: PML-N workers clash with police at Islamabad court

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