190 Calgary Doctors Warn Emergency Rooms are Collapsing: Open Letter | GVS News

A group of nearly 200 Calgary ER doctors has issued an open letter to Albertans warning that emergency departments are struggling to provide timely and effective care to patients. The letter, signed by 190 doctors, who make up around 75% of those working at Calgary’s four adult hospitals, states that “signs of a capacity crisis are everywhere.” Patients are sometimes waiting up to 15 hours to be seen by a doctor, and the wait time in Calgary’s emergency departments has skyrocketed. The doctors are speaking out as independent physicians and not on behalf of Alberta Health Services or the Alberta Medical Association. The situation is a “crisis,” according to Dr. Sean Fair, an ER physician at Rockyview and Foothills. The group is calling on AHS and whichever party forms the next government to address the health system problems, and it’s urging Albertans to cast their ballots with health care in mind in the May 29 provincial election.