55 artisans worked to prepare extravagant wedding dress of Minal Khan

It seems as if a lot of work went into actress Minal Khan's wedding dress. Her designer shared the images of preparing the dress on his social media page. He added that 55 artisans had worked day and night to complete the dress.

Robbers shoot man in viral video of snatching in Islamabad

Robbers ran to the other side of the road after shooting the man who continued to call for help. The incident has instilled fear among social media users. It is, however, unclear if the man was robbed outside his home or he was a passer-by.

Amrullah Saleh crying for lost brother or $6.6m?

Some have suggested that he is crying over his lost money and gold others asserted that he is probably crying over the alleged killing of his brother. However, social media users also believe that he is faking his tears to respond to the backlash.

Taliban inspires Kim Kardashian, Rihanna’s look at MET Gala?

Kim Kardashian covered herself in black from top to bottom, even covered her face to the extent that she was unidentifiable. Memes and comments flooded social media comparing her to hijab-clad Afghan women. Twitteratis claimed that the Taliban are inspiring Hollywood!

Hum TV serial called out for controversial script on foster siblings

A Pakistani serial, Juda Hue Kuch Is Tarhan, is receiving flak on social media for its controversial content on foster siblings. Twitter users have accused the channel of promoting ‘incest’ in society and are demanding that PEMRA take strict actions against the serial.

Bollywood actresses promised to TTP recruits

A Pakistani soldier gives a guided tour of the TTP headquarters replica and explains how suicide bombers were brainwashed. They were given a complete concept of heaven and told that women beautiful as Bollywood actresses would be waiting for them in heaven.

Afghan women dress up colorfully to protest against Taliban

Recently, the Taliban ordered that women wear black burqas in all public spaces. As a form of protest, Afghan women across the globe are dressing up in colorful traditional attire as they assert that black abayas are indeed against the Afghan culture.

“Activist” is trivializing “activism”; Jameela Jamil

US reality show "Activist" gets backlash for trivializing "activism" by turning it into a game. Activists such as Jameela Jamil and Nabiha Islam criticize this show and argue that money spent on this show could be given for actual activism instead to fight real issues in the world.

Taliban recovers $6.5 million worth gold, money from house of Amrullah Saleh

The Taliban recently recovered gold and money worth $6.5 million from the house of former Vice President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh. Video of the Taliban stacking gold bricks and money into bags has been making rounds on social media.

New Zealand’s Matt Henry seeks suggestions for local cuisine of Pakistan

In an interview, with various local media outlets, New Zealand cricketer, Matt Henry has expressed his interest in exploring Pakistan. Regarding tourism, Henry said that he has heard Pakistan has a lot to offer to tourists.

Ex-Indian Army Gen confuses Shaan Shahid, Umair Jaswal as martyred Pak soldiers

Using the opportunity, Pakistani trolls hilariously mocked him and were amused by his naivety. Actors Shaan Shahid and Umair Jaswal also joined the banter. Commenting on his tweet, Shaan Shahid said, "Hello from the other side."

Father of Zahir Jaffer, therapy workers complicit in Noor Mukadam murder: Police

As per the interim sheet submitted in the court on 9th September, Zakir assured his son Zahir of sending help following her murder. Moreover, they tried to conceal and remove the pieces of evidence from the crime scene.