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  • Dec- 2017 -
    20 December

    CPEC: A Chinese Vision Since 2005

    Saeed Afridi | China’s rise has been attributed to the successful implementation of its ‘Dual Track’ transition policy based on gradual, incremental and near-constant reform of its economic sector in conjunction with Five Year Plans. The is Dual Track policy emphasised on social and economic reform; without any corresponding political reform. It started under Deng Xiaoping post-1976, based on the Zhou Enlai’s “Four Modernisation Plan” and has seen additional changes with every Five Year Plan (FYP). The National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China (NDRC) has played an instrumental role in China’s development through these Five…

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  • Oct- 2017 -
    28 October

    Wahab Jaffar’s new exhibition of strong women on colorful canvases

    News Desk | Tanzara Gallery in Islamabad has brought a new series of works by the painter Abdul Wahab Jaffar to Islamabad. The gallery is currently exhibiting over 36 of his large acrylic canvas paintings and 20 of his miniature black ink drawings. Wahab Jaffer’s paintings as ever exude a vibrancy of color through the palette. His paintings of women are clear, concise and cut down to the chase, whilst simultaneously painting universal women full of energy and vivacity. The women are all adorned with beautiful headgear reminiscent of the styles worn by some African women. The turbans look as…

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