Saudi Arabia & GCC

How to Improve Pak-UAE ties across the board

News Analysis |During a visit to the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), the United Arab Emirates Ambassador Hamad Obaid Alzaabi has said that UAE wanted...

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Turkey & USA relations take another hit

Yesterday, Sunday October 8, the USA announced that it was suspending non-immigrant visa services at its diplomatic facilities in Turkey, hours later the Turkish embassy in Washington...


Iran’s President hits back at Trump: US Allies reject America’s “unilateralism”

GVS Special Report|Iran's President, Hasan Rouhani on Friday lashed at US President Donald Trump, telling the world that "Iran Nuclear Deal" is non-negotiatiable and warned US on...


Syria & Middle East

in Raqqa

Al-Britani: My friend-turned ISIS recruit in Raqqa

Murtaza Shibli |“Raqqa will never be the same”, claims Abu Adam Al-Britani in a 72-minute long tape that was issued late last month. He provides a chilling account of the scale of death and destruction in the city that was a de facto capital...
Bashar al-Assad

How Bashar al-Assad won the Syrian war? Part-I

Zeeshan Munir |In summer of 2012, rebel forces were knocking on the doors of Damascus, half of Aleppo was lost to anti-regime forces and almost every major Syrian city (except those in western Syria) were either contested or under complete control of western backed...
Islamic State

What did the US-led Coalition decide: Defeat Islamic State or Raqqa?

Sophie Mangal |The ancient mud brick walls circling Raqqa’s deserted old city are almost the only structure still intact. Inside, shops and homes spill crumbling concrete onto either side of the narrow roads, block after block.Fighting between U.S.-backed militias and Islamic State in the...

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