1. Should not have called her over weight house. Man to man fight is alright but again not personal. Z. Hilali has surprised me.
    Have not heard S. S’s speech. May be it was v provocative and Mr. Hilali fell over it.

    • Please listen. If Pakistani citizens sit back and listen to it with an unbiased mind, even if it is coming from their “supposedly worst enemy”, they would know where they stand in the world arena. They would know ‘who really is their enemy’. Even Bangladesh a country formed in 1971, is doing better. World, even the so called Muslim Ummah of Arabs, look down upon them.
      A wake-up call to Pakistanis from a ‘fat housewife’ who also happens to be a ‘mother’. It all depends upon how one perceives it. Fat Housewife or a concerned Mother.

      • Mr Chanakya come to Pakistan and see we Pakistanis are enjoying better life standards than Indians. And remember India is a future hotbed of extremism. We have faced it and have come out of it. But It will be very very difficult fir Indians to come out of the morass in which Modi and BJP are pushing it….

  2. No face making or face saving business gentlemen, yes India has overtaken pakistan in many fields when and where india was lacking behind times ago then, we succumbed to the Indian subversive designs through the pro Indian government of PPP first followed by PMLN later till now the silver line in between was pervez musharaf s mil rule where we were almost at par with India against all odds, infact it is the west helping India against Pakistan alone for the obvious reasons so when u corner a cat in a room expect scratches and mind it it’s tit for tat, much serious escalation is in sight if the Indian government doesn’t make a note of the seriousness of what she does not seem to believe, pakistan will have very little to loose as against the bigger Indian losses.

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