Aston Martin’s DB12 Trademark Hints at DB11 Facelift Name Change

Aston Martin has recently filed a trademark for the nameplate “DB12” in the United States, according to CarBuzz. The DB12 is expected to be a refreshed version of the DB11, which has been on sale since 2017. It is anticipated that the DB12 will retain the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8, but it may gain a 48-volt hybrid system. This update is part of Aston Martin’s plan to overhaul its aging sports-car lineup, which includes the Vantage, DB11, and DBS.

Last year, Aston Martin chairman Lawrence Stroll announced that all of the company’s sports cars would be overhauled in 2023. Stroll revealed that the changes would be so significant that they would essentially be “all-new cars.” The new trademark filing seems to confirm this, as it suggests that the DB12 will be a heavily refreshed version of the DB11 and will be the first time since the DB6 went out of production in 1970 that one of Aston Martin’s DB series of sports cars would bear an even-numbered badge.

In addition to revised styling, the update is expected to bring a more modern infotainment system that will scrap the touchpad setup and be better differentiated from the Mercedes-Benz system on which it is based. The DB12 will likely retain the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8, which is also borrowed from Mercedes. However, it could gain a 48-volt hybrid setup like in the Mercedes-AMG GLS63. It is unclear if the V-12 will live on in the DB12.

More details about the DB12 should arrive later this year. Caleb Miller, an Associate News Editor at Car and Driver, began blogging about cars at 13 years old. He realized his dream of writing for a car magazine after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University and joining the Car and Driver team. Miller loves quirky and obscure autos, aiming to one day own something bizarre like a Nissan S-Cargo, and is an avid motorsports fan.