Cisco to Upgrade Your Office Meeting Room

Cisco Webex has recently launched new video conferencing hardware that aims to enhance in-person office meetings. As businesses continue to encourage employees to return to the office, having the right equipment to facilitate team meetings is crucial. The new Room Bar Pro, unveiled at Cisco Live 2023, is specifically designed for medium-sized meeting spaces accommodating 5-10 participants.

The Room Bar Pro is an upgrade from the previous Cisco Room Bar and Room Kit EQ, which catered to smaller and larger spaces respectively. It boasts a processing power boost, more connections, more memory, and a powerful dual camera set-up, along with a touch screen interface. The device runs on Cisco’s RoomOS platform, which can track participants and change viewpoints to ensure all participants have the best video experience.

The Room Bar Pro is easy to deploy and is fully certified to support a native Microsoft Teams Rooms experience. This gives users boosted Cisco audio and video capabilities. Additionally, a new device management system as part of Cisco Control Hub allows admins and IT teams to monitor and manage their workspaces. Users can get a quick overview of both Cisco and third-party devices, enabling them to spot issues quickly. This feature also allows companies to identify which kit or meeting rooms are not being used.

Another exciting feature of the Room Bar Pro is the Carbon Emissions Insight feature. This feature provides real-time insight into the devices draining your building’s power. With this information, businesses can make informed decisions about energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Room Bar Pro is an excellent addition to Cisco’s video conferencing hardware lineup. It offers businesses the opportunity to enhance their in-person meetings and encourage efficient gatherings. With its powerful features and easy deployment, the Room Bar Pro is an excellent investment for businesses looking to improve their video conferencing capabilities.

In conclusion, Cisco Webex’s new Room Bar Pro is a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their in-person meetings. With its powerful features, easy deployment, and compatibility with Microsoft Teams Rooms, the Room Bar Pro is an excellent investment for businesses looking to improve their video conferencing capabilities. The device management system and Carbon Emissions Insight feature also make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and manage their workspaces effectively.