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ConfiAbogado: Making Legal Services Accessible in Latin America

ConfiAbogado, a Mexico City-based startup, has recently secured $1.65 million in seed funding to revolutionize the accessibility of legal services across Latin America. Co-founded by Emiliano Ruiz and his brother Julián Ruiz in 2020, ConfiAbogado aims to address the issue of expensive legal services that prevent many individuals from seeking legal counsel when they need it.

Emiliano Ruiz, the CEO of ConfiAbogado, previously worked at a traditional law firm, where he noticed that the firm’s clients were predominantly big corporations and high net worth individuals due to the high costs involved. In Latin America, only one in 11 individuals seek legal counsel because of the financial burden associated with it. This realization prompted Ruiz to find a way to make legal help more efficient and accessible to a wider range of clients.

Initially, ConfiAbogado approached law offices about acquiring their technology, but encountered resistance from these firms reluctant to change their traditional ways. Instead, ConfiAbogado decided to focus on providing value directly to people with legal needs by combining their background in law with automation.

ConfiAbogado’s approach is centered around providing legal solutions at a volume-based model rather than charging exorbitant fees. The process begins with clients entering information about their case into the ConfiAbogado system. The company’s proprietary technology then taps into a network of validated lawyers and over 100,000 legal possibilities to create the best strategy and automatically generate the necessary legal documents. All of this is accomplished in just 20 minutes. Throughout the process, clients are kept informed about the status of their cases.

The company specializes in providing legal services in civil, commercial, labor, and family litigation. Since its launch two years ago, ConfiAbogado has experienced significant growth, acquiring over 250 new clients each month. In the past year alone, the company’s revenue has grown by over 10 times.

One of ConfiAbogado’s unique offerings is its ability to finance the litigation costs for its customers until the case is won. This approach makes legal aid accessible to everyone, eliminating the financial barrier that often prevents individuals from hiring lawyers. Additionally, this financing model incentivizes ConfiAbogado to be more efficient and strive for the best possible outcome for each client.

ConfiAbogado’s seed round was led by Tuesday Capital and included a group of investors such as DTB Capital, Seedstars International Ventures, 500 Global, Invariantes, Goodwater, GAIN Capital, and Side Door Ventures. The newly secured funding will support ConfiAbogado’s expansion into new verticals and cities, with plans to more than triple its current geographic footprint. The company also aims to develop new AI tools to enhance its services.

In Latin America, only 8% of people with a legal problem hire an attorney. One of Emiliano Ruiz’s goals is to double this percentage within the next seven years. By focusing on creating the best option for customers when it comes to solving a legal problem, ConfiAbogado aims to provide extraordinary legal care for ordinary people.

ConfiAbogado’s success lies in its ability to combine technology, automation, and legal expertise to make legal services more accessible and efficient. By streamlining the process and reducing costs, ConfiAbogado is breaking down barriers and ensuring that individuals from all walks of life can access the legal help they need. With its recent funding, ConfiAbogado is well-positioned to expand its reach and continue making a positive impact on the legal landscape in Latin America.