Mercedes EQG maintains concept appearance in spy shots for SEO.

Mercedes-Benz has been working on an electric version of its iconic G-Class SUV, and the latest spy shots show that the automaker is making steady progress towards its launch target of 2024. The EQG, as it is called, will be an all-electric version of the G-Class, with a number of styling changes unique to the electric model.

The exterior of the EQG is largely carryover from the original G-Class, but there are some notable differences. The front bumper’s air intakes have been revised and have lots of little rounded squares making up the mesh, just like the concept. The main grille is also blocked off, at least mostly. Unlike the concept, this prototype has a couple of slits for some airflow. Around at the back, the prototype ditches the slightly weird square charger carrier in favor of the traditional full-size spare tire. And on the topic of wheels and tires, the example with the electric-themed camouflage has a set of wheels not shared with other G-Class models.

Underneath, things start getting more interesting. The photos show that one of the prototypes sports some sort of skid-plate-like panel below the rear bumper, likely an aerodynamic aid to squeeze out a couple more miles of range. Even stranger is that two of the prototypes seem to have different rear axle configurations. They’re both clearly solid axles like the gas model, but they’re a bit different.

One looks pretty much like what you’d see under the standard G-Class, but the other doesn’t have a particularly obvious differential housing in the middle. In fact, where the differential usually would be is where the significantly shortened track rod is bolted to the axle. What we think might be going on here is two different powertrain options. The more conventional one may be a simplified single or dual-motor powertrain, whereas the odd one may be accommodating the planned four-motor powertrain announced with the concept, possibly with AMG badging.

As previously announced, the EQG will launch in mid- to late-2024. That means it will probably be a 2025 model. Reports have suggested a battery capacity around 100 kWh, which is about half that of a GMC Hummer EV. Power should be immense with up to four motors.

The EQG is part of Mercedes-Benz’s broader push into electric vehicles. The automaker has set a goal of having electric vehicles make up more than half of its sales by 2030. To achieve this goal, Mercedes-Benz plans to launch several new electric models in the coming years, including an electric version of its popular C-Class sedan.

The EQG is expected to be a high-end luxury SUV, with a price tag to match. However, it will face stiff competition from other luxury electric SUVs like the Audi e-tron and the Tesla Model X. Mercedes-Benz will need to offer something special to stand out in this crowded market.

One advantage that the EQG will have is its iconic design. The G-Class has been around since 1979 and has developed a loyal following over the years. By offering an electric version of this classic SUV, Mercedes-Benz is tapping into this nostalgia and offering something that no other automaker can match.

Overall, the EQG looks like it will be an impressive vehicle when it launches in a few years’ time. With its powerful electric motors and iconic design, it should be a hit with luxury SUV buyers who are looking for something different. Mercedes-Benz has a lot riding on this vehicle, but if it can deliver on its promises, it could be a game-changer for the company and for the electric vehicle market as a whole.