NationsBenefits Confirms Personal Data Theft in Fortra Breach

NationsBenefits, a Florida-based technology company that provides supplemental benefits for health insurance members, has confirmed that over 7,100 state residents had their personal information stolen in the late-January ransomware attack on Fortra’s systems. The data breach notice filed with New Hampshire’s attorney general revealed that hackers stole personal information of NationsBenefits members stored in its Fortra-hosted instance of GoAnywhere, a file transfer software tool used by thousands of organizations to share large sets of data over the internet. The Clop ransomware gang claimed responsibility for the attack, alleging it stole data on more than a hundred organizations. NationsBenefits did not disclose what specific members’ personal information was stolen in the attack. The healthcare benefits company is the latest Fortra customer to confirm it was affected by the January breach.