Zoom unveils AI personal assistant features

Zoom has recently announced new features for its AI-powered tool, Zoom IQ, which will help users stay on top of their meetings. The new features will leverage OpenAI’s Large Language Model (LLM) to generate recaps, summarize meetings, and draft chat and email responses. With this move, Zoom joins other major productivity tools such as Microsoft, Google, and Slack in utilizing AI technology.

Companies that offer services for businesses are increasingly adopting AI technology, especially now that OpenAI has launched an API. Microsoft has recently announced a similar tool for all of its Office apps called Copilot. Google has also added AI features for Gmail and Google Docs, while Salesforce has launched the ChatGPT app for Slack. LLMs are able to quickly digest and analyze large amounts of information, making them a game-changer for people who feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. With these kinds of AI integrations, it’s like everyone gets their own personal assistant.

Zoom IQ already uses AI to give users meeting information through chapters, highlights from recordings, and action items. However, it is taking it a step further by integrating OpenAI’s powerful generative AI model. If you’re late to a meeting, Zoom IQ can summarize in real-time what you’ve missed and ask questions for you. Using text prompts, it can generate brainstorms using Zoom’s whiteboard tool. Zoom IQ can also generate meeting recaps and action items and post them in Team Chat, Zoom’s version of Slack, or summarize threads within Team Chat in case you step away from your computer and come back to a flurry of messages. If your Zoom account is integrated with your email and calendar, it can pull relevant information into a meeting agenda or compose an email draft.

The company has announced that it will begin rolling out new Zoom IQ chat compose and Zoom IQ email compose in April to “select customers by invitation.” The new Zoom IQ meeting summary features will be “available more broadly.”

In conclusion, Zoom’s new AI-powered features will help users stay on top of their meetings by generating recaps, summarizing meetings, and drafting chat and email responses. With the integration of OpenAI’s LLM, Zoom IQ is taking a step further in utilizing AI technology to provide users with a more efficient and productive experience. As more companies adopt AI technology, it is clear that it will become an essential tool for businesses in the future.