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Nouman Ali Khan, an American of Pakistani origin, is a founder and CEO of Bayyinah Institute. This is one of the most respected Arabic studies institute in the USA. Over 2m people follow him on Facebook and over 300,000 people follow his Youtube Channel.

On September 21, he was bitterly criticized on Facebook by Omer Muzzafar, Muslim Chaplain at Loyola University of Chicago and Adjunct Professor of Theology. Omer had been a longtime friend, but in a Facebook post he stated that Nouman Ali Khan has confessed inappropriate interactions with various women, violating agreed bounds of Islamic law.

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In a statement reminiscent of medieval papal authorities, of pre-enlightenment era Christanity, Omer called upon Nouman Ali Khan to focus on repentance and reform of the soul. He argued that Nouman Ali Khan is jeopardizing his soul and reputation.

In his response, however, Nouman Ali Khan pointed out that he has been divorced for the past two years and with the consent and knowledge of his family he was communicating with some women in order to marry them.

Apparently, even the accusations of Omer Muzaffar do not allege any physical interactions. This is an interesting debate in the North American Muslim communities where most online commentators have bitterly criticized Omer Mozzafar; some have even called this a “Jewish conspiracy” against Nouman Ali Khan. GVS is placing here a youtube lecture from Nouman Ali Khan in which he explains how Muslims have to keep their hearts and minds pure and should not only avoid adultery but should stay away from the spheres of fornication and adultery.



  1. Let me tell you all who are arguing that this is a very “DIRTY CONSPIRACY”against Mr: Nauman Ali Khan a thorough gentle man preaching good things to the people at large.I must also say it is a CONSPIRACY against the TEACHINGS of ISLAM.

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