World’s top 5 best card games that you can play online

Card games have an everlasting presence in the world’s history. People are known to have been playing card games from the 9th century. The fun part, these games were not even played with cards, rather they are suspected to be played with wooden blocks with numbers and letters imprinted of them. A game that old is bound to have several variants that were created in different parts of the world. Some card game variants are known to have originated in Caribbean lands, others in Europe, and many in ancient India.

Doesn’t matter what their birthplace was, some of these card games managed to earn worldwide popularity and become a household name. Their popularity grew so wide that they became an integral part of the casinos that were famous in the 19th and 20th centuries. No gaming sector giant could ignore their impeccable presence and thus when gaming went online, card games followed.

Today, the online space is full of card games that are all exciting and enjoyable in their own way. The abundance of card games has left the players in a perplexing state where the player is not able to choose the game he should play. Well, to pull you out of the dilemma, here are the best 5 card games that you should play online. 

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a simple three-card game that originated in India. Playing Teen Patti online has already become a trend in the Asian country, for the right reasons. The motive of this game is to have the highest-ranking cards amid all the players on the board. Since the game is not dependent on any kind of interaction with other players, it quickly showed the potential of becoming the most played card game online. 


When it comes to card games it doesn’t get much more classic than the game of Solitaire. This is a wildly addictive card game that is very easy to understand but isn’t so easy to master. There are a variety of versions of the free solitaire games and different levels of difficulty just to keep things interesting.

One site that is great for playing Solitaire online is The mobile-friendly website includes thirty different solitaire card games. There are classics like Klondike solitaire, as well as FreeCell, Hearts, Pyramid solitaire, and more. For those interested in another common variation, Spider Solitaire, this is also available on, along with hundreds of other free games.


This two-card game with a simple motive of nearing 21 points needs no introduction to anyone. Atleast not when we tell you about the basic name world primarily knows it with – ‘twenty-one’. This card game has always been an integral classic part of the casinos and now in the era of online casinos, it still stands as the number one classic card game.


If Blackjack was the number one casino card game, Baccarat is certainly ranked two. In fact, some people prefer baccarat over blackjack for the simplicity it possesses. Leaving out the competition, this classic game has always found a place in people’s hearts and is one of the most played card games in online casinos.


There are basically two types of people who love playing card games. One, who love to depend on their luck for winning and second, who love to plan their own way to win. Rummy is a game that belongs to the latter category. It has its own base of fans and the ones who understand the game, never want to shift to any other game. The game is peaceful, strategic, and gives you a fair chance of winning. 


Talk of versatility and no card game will even dare to compete with Poker. Poker is the most famous card game all across the world and has different variants being played everywhere. However, the rules of playing any poker game are very similar to all the variants. Today there are several platforms that host online poker games for players all over the world.



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