Global Village Space (GVS) was an initiative of few friends from Columbia University Alumni Club of Pakistan. Our vision is defined by the idea that in the beginning of 21st century we need not be in New York or London to think globally. Its about streams of consciousness and not location.

Our aim is to provide a platform to promote dialogue and understanding which will present all shades of opinion and not to see any as being sacrilegious to questions. We encourage our writers to be respectfully irreverent and our readers to be tolerant. They need not agree with all thoughts expressed but they should provide broad hospitality to them.

Starting with three dreamers from a storehouse in Islamabad, in 2016, GVS has moved on to proper offices and a small dedicated team that works from several cities and connects with writers and readers across the world. In last 6 years, GVS has published more than 40,000 piece of news, analysis and opinion, has been read around 100 million times and almost 50% of its readership is outside Pakistan, across North America, UK, Europe, Australia, India and the Middle East. GVS has also launched a print magazine, by the name of “Global Village Space Magazine” that reaches out to policy makers, academics and think tankers across the world. The magazine is registered with Paris based ‘International Centre for Registration of Serial Publications - CIEPS’. Global Village Space has also set up a Youtube channel with the name GVS News to provide a space to analyze what is happening in Pakistan and other parts of the world.

Our team includes Dr Moeed Pirzada, CEO Global Village Space, who is an Anchor on Prime TV channels where he has worked for almost two decades. Prior to this he served in Pakistan’s civil service and is a qualified doctor with MBBS from Allama Iqbal College, Lahore, Pakistan. He has further Masters degrees in in International Affairs from the SIPA, Columbia University, New York and Masters in Law & Regulation from the London School of Economics, UK. He tweets @Moeed_Nj

Najma Minhas, is our managing Editor who has has over twenty year experience in journalism, advocacy, management, and strategy. Before Global Village Space, she has worked in international organizations from managing a policy consulting group, Governance & Policy Advisors and working in economic advisory, National Economic Research Associates (NERA) and financial institutions, Lehman Brothers and Standard Chartered Bank. She has worked in New York, London and in several cities in Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad). She has two Masters degrees, Masters in Economics (with Distinction) from University of London and a Masters in International Affairs (with focus on Economic Policy) from the SIPA, Columbia University, New York. Her undergraduate degree was in Economics from the London School of Economics, UK. She tweets @MinhasNajma