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Friday, September 22, 2023

Global debt hits all-time high

The figure is 50% higher than a decade ago, according to a leading trade body

Caretaker Finance Minister Optimistic While Common Man Faces Economic Pressure

Akhtar's comments come at a time when many Pakistanis are grappling with the daily challenges of making ends meet.

Central Bank Keeps Key Interest Rate Unchanged Amid Expectations

The decision to maintain the policy rate at 22% will have implications for businesses and borrowers in Pakistan.

China Denies Plans to Ban iPhone Amid Security Concerns

China's denial of plans to ban iPhones provides a sigh of relief for both Apple and its Chinese user base.

Man and his mother ‘burns private parts’ of...

Senior officers of city police took notice of the incident after a video of the victim was shared on social media.

Important cases in Pakistan’s supreme court to be...

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qaez Faez Isa-led full court is currently conducting the hearing on the petitions being broadcast live on state television PTV.

Supreme Court annuls amendments to NAB Ordinance upon...

Amendments in NAB laws were made by PDM govt & were challenged by former PM Imran Khan.

Ronaldo’s Moroccan Hotel Offers Shelter to Quake Survivors

A Marrakesh hotel owned by Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is offering shelter to victims of the devastating earthquake in Morocco.

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Legacy and Choices: The Lives of Pakistan’s Political Leaders

Legacy and Choices: The Lives of Pakistan's Political Leaders" delves into the compelling narratives of pivotal figures who have left an indelible mark on Pakistan's political landscape.

A Perspective on the Constitutional Balance: The Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Act 2023

The article questions the constitutionality of Pakistan's Supreme Court (Practice and Procedure) Act 2023, focusing on the power to form court benches.

Britain’s colonial practices in Africa

The First Boer War was not a large conflict, involving soldiers numbering in their low thousands, but poor British command and positioning of their troops contributed to the defeat against well-organized Boer forces.

Pakistan’s Struggle for Equitable Water Access and the Path to Social Justice

In the arid landscape of Pakistan, millions face a looming water crisis, with access to clean and affordable water slipping away. Corruption and criminal activities exacerbate the problem, while crumbling infrastructure and climate change further intensify the struggle.


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