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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Bank of England holds steady on rates despite election looming

The BoE has emphasized that its decision was not influenced by the impending general election, despite the potential political ramifications.

FBR Cracks Down: Retailers Must Accept Card Payments or Face...

The FBR has announced strict measures to enforce credit and debit card payments, enhance POS system compliance, and curb tax evasion through new regulations and hefty fines.

Moody’s Comments on Pakistan’s Debt Sustainability, IMF Negotiations

Moody’s highlights significant debt sustainability risks for Pakistan,

Government Set to Reduce Fuel Prices Amid Global Oil Slump

The government is set to reduce petrol and diesel prices.

KP CM Gandapur warns Shehbaz Sharif over extended...

In a meeting on loadshedding today, Gandapur was briefed on the latest situation regarding power cuts, recovery efforts by power distribution companies, and other energy sector issues.

PPP on Budget, Camel Torture, and Grid Takeovers

PPP leaders criticized the PML-N for allegedly preparing the budget unilaterally without consulting them.

Collapse of Netanyahu’s government is ‘only a matter...

Shas officials launched strong attack on Netanyahu's Likud party after Israeli Knesset rejected contentious ‘Rabbis Bill’ project, says public broadcaster

Chief Justice Isa Clarifies Supreme Court Not Source...

It is also notable that during the first hearing of the NAB amendment case, a picture of Imran Khan from Courtroom No. 1 was leaked and went viral on social media. Khan appeared in the court via video link from Adiala Jail.

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The Derailing Global World Order

The current "rule-based world order" is being undermined by U.S. self-interest and challenged by China and BRICS.

The Psychologist Filmmaker: Gem of Soviet Cinema

Explore the enduring legacy of Soviet filmmaker Larisa Shepitko, who continues to inspire cinephiles and filmmakers alike.

The Rising Tide of Hindu Extremism in India: A Threat to Minority Rights and Democracy

In the contemporary global landscape, marked by dynamic geopolitical shifts and transformative economic paradigms, nations are actively realigning their diplomatic strategies, placing strategic goals...

Is It the Right Time for Putin to Retreat?

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has led to exhaustion on both sides, with negotiations potentially resulting in a neutral Ukraine.


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