European countries in unease as Iran plans to enrich nuclear capacity

In a joint statement, 3 countries say Iran's announcements are 'contrary to the constructive spirit and good faith'

Hammad reaffirms commitment to boost construction industry

Federal Minister for Finance, Revenue, Industries and Production Muhammad Hammad Azhar Friday reiterated the government’s firm commitment to further...

Why is government going to ban TLP?

The government has decided to ban the far-right party Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP). Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Wednesday announced...

View of State Bank’s Autonomy through experts’ lens

Since it first leaked to the public last month, the news of a proposed amendment in the central bank’s status has become a topic of national discussion. Some people have gone so far as to call it an IMF conspiracy to break Pakistan while others thought it was against our national interest and needed to incorporate other objectives such as growth and employment. We touched base with several commentators who have been looking at this issue to get their views on the SBP autonomy

‘Koi Bhuka na Soye’: Revolutionary scheme for the poor or road to perdition.

A revolutionary program of providing direct subsidy to 30 million families – around half of the country’s population from June was launched in March by PM Khan. However, the government has not explained how long the program is to continue, how much participation is from the private sector and how much will be funded by federal versus provincial governments, who now after the 18th Amendment should ultimately be responsible for such schemes.

Why Regionally Competitive Energy tariffs are needed for textile sector!

Authors argue that the government proposal to remove the RCET policy and offer DLTL scheme of rebates to exporters instead is a highly illogical policy that spoils their efforts undertaken for the past two-half years, which has led to an expansion and growth of the textile sector.

Pakistani politics and why it needs a revolution

Democracy is known to be an ideal form of government, due to its several attributes like public participation in...

Russia’s renewed quest for increasing its role as a regional power

Post-communist Russia finds itself within a border which reflects no historical precedent. Russia will always be essential to the...


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