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Pakistani journalists begin march to Line of Control

Anadolu | Pakistani and Azad Kashmiri journalists on Saturday began a protest march toward the Line of Control (LoC), a de facto border dividing Kashmir...


Trump responds to China tariffs with more tariffs

AFP | The United States and China exchanged blows Friday as each side increased punitive tariffs on the other, intensifying a trade war that is...



India’s Tectonic Shift towards ‘Hindutva First’ over ‘Kashmiris First’

Subhajit Naskar | India is on a steady transition of saffronisation after consecutively two massive victories of BJP in 2014 and even with a stronger...

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Narcotics case: ANF presents CCTV footage of Rana Sanaullah’s arrest

News Analysis | Rana Sanaullah, Pakistan Muslim League’s (PML-N) senior leader and member of the National Assembly, who is under the custody of the Anti-Narcotics...

Chief Election Commissioner’s refusal to administer oath: Is this unconstitutional?

News Analysis | In a controversial move, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), retired Justice Sardar Mohammad Raza, has refused to administer the oath of office...

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