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Economic ramifications of gulf crisis

Myrah Qadeer Khan | Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt released coordinated statements, announcing breaking of diplomatic ties with the tiny-yet-wealthy peninsular nation of Qatar....

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Women take over the ICC stage

News Analysis | After the win against India, the Pakistan International cricket team gave the nation a reason to rejoice and believe in them again but soon after...


Ideological foundations and organizational structure of Islamic State

Nauman Sadiq | The fight against the much-dreaded ISIS is on with varying degrees of resolving and success.It becomes important to trace the ideological antecedents of this group. Since...


Can the Cobalt shortages upset tech industry?

The price hike and dwindling supply of this rare metal Cobalt can cause the tech firms and companies to ration their production in the coming future. Cobalt, which...

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