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What is the price of Motorola G8 Power Lite having massive 5000 mAh battery?

Motorola has introduced a new mobile phone with unique features. The company seems to be committed to strengthening its ever-expanding G8 lineup of mid-range...


Mari Petroleum Wins 1st Prize for Management Practices in Oil & Gas Sector

For the fourth consecutive year, Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) has won the 1st Prize for ‘Best Management Practices in Oil & Gas Sector’....



How to educate kids during lockdown?

As the world grapples with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, social distancing is fast becoming the new normal, as governments close down...

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How is COVID-19 outbreak impacting Afghan Refugees in Pakistan?

Afghan Refugees in Pakistan are waiting for aides to be provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Actions being taken at...

The impact of Coronavirus on Indian businesses

The Coronavirus is the most severe pandemic that has hit the world in modern times. It’s had more of an impact than previous fast...

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