PIA pays $7 million due to recover aircraft from Malaysia

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) told the London High Court on Friday said that it has paid nearly around $7 million dues to Peregrine Aviation...

Pakistan Post incurs huge economic loss

Pakistan Post has incurred a huge economic loss due to the suspension of its operations in the wake of Covid19. The operations have been...



    Turkish fatwa hangs Erdogan’s soft power drive in the balance

    Turkey’s state-controlled top religious authority has conditionally endorsed usury in a ruling that is likely to fuel debate about concepts of Islamic finance and...

    PDM’s anti-Israel rally: Is Imran Khan government going to recognize Israel?

    The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) – a 10-party opposition alliance seeking to oust the government – is organizing an anti-Israel rally today in Karachi....

    PDM to protest in front of ECP: What is PTI’s future?

    The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is all set to stage a protest in front of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) office in Islamabad...


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