Potential new Earth discovered: Gliese 12 b

While Gliese 12 b presents a tantalizing possibility for habitability, reaching it with current technology is a significant challenge.

Massive outage disrupts Microsoft services, Bing, and AI tools globally

Microsoft acknowledged the issue in a post on X, stating that they were "working to isolate the cause of the issue."

Approaching comet predicted to shine brighter than stars in the sky

When first observed, the comet was located beyond Jupiter’s orbit, approximately 680 million miles from the Sun.

Experience Wireless Charging with the Infinix Note 40 5G for Only $240

Drawing inspiration from both the vanilla Note 40 and the Note 40 Pro, this phone boasts the sleek body design of the former, featuring a 6.78-inch AMOLED display with...

2025 Vision: Government Plans to Sprout 10 IT Parks Nationwide

During the review meeting held in Islamabad, it was revealed that the government plans to establish not only ten software technology parks but also 100 e-Rozgar Centers throughout the...

James Webb Space Telescope unveils stunning details of Orion Nebula

Located approximately 1,500 light years from Earth, the Orion Nebula is the closest large star-forming region to our solar system.

Elon Musk introduces Starlink in Indonesia

Elon Musk, the renowned billionaire head of SpaceX and Tesla, arrived in Bali, Indonesia, on Sunday, May 19, via private jet.

Astronomers discover cotton candy-like planet

Astronomers have unveiled a new exoplanet, WASP-193b, which defies conventional planetary classifications.

Google enhances Android security with new anti-theft features

Google is set to roll out a suite of advanced security features with its upcoming Android 15 operating system.