India using our tech against Pakistan not acceptable: US firm

CEO and Co-founder of Exodus Logan Brown told Forbes, referring to India, "You can use it offensively if you want, but not if you’re going to be . . . shotgun blasting Pakistan and China. I don't want any part of that.” India is no longer a customer.

UN warns that unchecked AI threat to human life

AI and machine-learning algorithms now reach “into almost every corner of our physical and mental lives and even emotional states,” Bachelet said the tech has the potential to be “a force for good,” but could also have “negative, even catastrophic, effects.

iPhone 13: Is there anything new?

Apple announced its new lineup on Tuesday, with updates both in design and on the inside. The base models of the new iPhone 13 have been fitted with technology that was previously available only in the Pro-models while taking Pro-models to the next level.

Israeli malware ‘Pegasus’ implanted on all iPhone devices: Report

News of the malware’s existence was first broken earlier this summer by Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories, a French investigative outlet, and reported by a collection of partner news outlets.

Facebook and Ray-Ban showcase ‘smart’ shades of the future

The "Ray-Ban Stories" shades can take pictures and video upon the wearer's voice commands, and the frames can connect wirelessly to Facebook's platform through an app. Priced starting at $299, the Ray-Ban Stories will roll out in Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland, Italy and the United States.

NASA confirms Perseverance Mars rover brings first piece of rock

Perseverance's sampling and caching system is the most complex mechanism ever sent to space, with over 3,000 parts.

A much-needed city car in Pakistan: Hyundai i10

Even though South Korean Hyundai is gaining market traction in the crossover, sedan section of Pakistan, the absence of a cheaper city car like Hyundai i10 is ignoring the biggest section of Pakistan’s population, which cannot buy the expensive cars offered by the company.

Google introduces $50 4G smartphone to enable billions of people

Mukesh Ambani’s JioPhone Next, an android device is likely to be the cheapest smartphone available in the market as its pricing is believed to be below $50.

Apple rival, world’s 3rd largest phone company to manufacture cars

Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has officially registered its electric vehicle unit for around CNY 10 billion. Xiaomi EV currently has 300 employees and is looking to grow further.

17 year old Pakistani becomes first differently-abled Microsoft certified

Exceptionally talented 17 year old Kashaf Alvi has achieved the milestone of being the first differently-abled Microsoft certified associate from Pakistan.

Netflix releases ‘Stranger Things’ mobile game

In order to become the one-stop for all your entertainment needs, Netflix has stepped into the growing billion-dollar gaming industry.

Apple Leak: All four iPhone 13 models are to go on sale on September 17

Every year there is a visible hysteria surrounding the release of a new iPhone, which for the Apple loyalists remains even amid the pandemic.

New Delhi launches first ‘smog tower’

The tower cost $2 million and critics say erecting a sufficient number to clean the air substantially across the city would cost huge amounts of public money

A Bitcoin resurgence: Value exceeds $50,000 for the first time in 3 months

After China's new regulations, cryptocurrencies hit a major slump. However, it seems recovery has begun with Bitcoin leading the charge.

Tesla’s Autonomous E-Rig Semi: The “Ultra-Futurism” of HGVs

In its latest creation on the path to developing 'tech for the future,' Tesla released an HGV design that looks like an iPhone with wheels.

Pakistan Turkey to jointly produce miltary drones

In course with their long-standing alliance, Pakistan and Turkey have signed another deal on the joint production of an elite military UAV.

US stresses urgency to develop road-mobile hypersonic weapons

With China and Russia already rapidly developing their hypersonic arsenal, Pentagon has stressed the need to start producing its own to retain its position at the top.

Samsung reveals the Galaxy A52s 5G

The new Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G enables everyone to enjoy an enriched gaming experience with an upgraded chipset and super-fast charging at a price that suits their needs.