Research reveals new evidence for a hidden planet

For years, astronomers have been captivated by the enigmatic behavior of objects at the outer edges of our solar system.

Zuckerberg’s Meta AI launches in Pakistan

Meta AI is available in multiple countries, including Pakistan, Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, and more.

Crowds flock to Huawei stores as Pura 70 smartphone sales begin amid chip controversy

Chinese tech giant Huawei made headlines once again with the launch of its latest high-end smartphone series, the Pura 70.

Apple embraces second-hand parts for iPhone self-repairs

Despite the newfound flexibility in repair options, Apple remains committed to safeguarding the security of its devices.

Android 15 unveils new features

Among the discoveries, one notable feature has sparked discussions regarding its implications for user privacy and device security.

NASA to give the moon its own time standard

While Earth operates under the familiar structure of time zones and coordinated UTC, the moon presents unique temporal challenges.

Google agrees to destroy billions of records in privacy settlement

Users accused Google of using analytics, cookies, and apps to track individuals who set their browsers to private or incognito mode.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launches another Starlink mission

Previous attempts were thwarted by unfavorable weather conditions, highlighting the unpredictable nature of space exploration.

Claude 3 Opus dominates the chatbot arena

This victory signifies a notable departure from the norm, as it dethrones OpenAI's GPT-4 for the first time since its inception.