Japanese scientists reveal Earth’s water may be from asteroids

In a quest to shed light on the origins of life and the formation of the universe, researchers are scrutinising material brought back to earth in 2020 from the asteroid Ryugu.

World’s cheapest SUV electric vehicle launching in Pakistan?

China has realized the frustration of regional consumers wanting to buy an affordable electric vehicle. But this is not an ordinary EV, Nano Box has a range of 200KMs with SUV features!

China to build 7nm chips to surpass US as global leader

Despite US restrictions, China appears to have found out how to produce 7nm chips.

Drive this EV 514KMs with one charge

EVs are becoming more efficient as users require more efficient cars amid global oil prices. This Chevy's EV is the best one to hit the market.

53rd anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon

'People will never look at the sky the same way again,' says Brian Odom, NASA's acting chief historian

Technology investment conference hosted by STZA and Pakistan embassy in Beijing attracts 4500 Chinese tech companies

The conference can probably be termed as one of the biggest ever forum held between Pakistan and China in terms of participation from Chinese companies.

Google launches Earthquake alert in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the few countries where Google has launched earthquake alert function which can save thousands of lives if used appropriately.

Toyota introduces all new Toyota Crown

The 16th generation of the Crown will be sold outside Japan for the first time in earnest, with plans to reach about 40 countries and regions.

Hyundai launches its first electric car

Hyundai Ioniq aims to fight Tesla's market share in the EV segment.