Andy Flower all praises for Babar, Rizwan and Dahani

Multan Sultans head coach Andy Flower has praised Babar for performing brilliantly. He also showered praises on Dahani for having “a heart of gold” and appreciated Rizwan for leading from the front as a captain.

Reham Khan shares meme on Biden not calling PM Khan

Reham Khan recently shared a meme featuring both the US President and PM Khan. As per the meme, PM Imran Khan is requesting Joe Biden to call him, to which Biden responds with “Absolutely not.”

Pakistan won’t accept forceful takeover of Kabul: NSA Moeed Yusuf

In a recent press conference at the Pakistan embassy in Washington DC, National Security Adviser Dr. Moeed Yusuf has said that Pakistan would not accept the ‘forceful takeover’ in Afghanistan.

Features for the upcoming iPhone 13

As iPhone 13 launch is just over a month away, let us look at the roundup of the rumored product upgrades that the company will be bringing in its new lineup. There are some downgrades expected too.

Mob attacks Hindu Temple in Rahim Yar Khan over blasphemy

A video clip went viral on social media where a mob can be seen destroying and burning a Hindu temple in Rahim Yar Khan. Prime Minister takes notice of the attack as the nation condemns the unfortunate incident.

How was it possible for China to achieve miraculous developments?

To develop a country, many things are required, but the most important are: Capital, Technology, and Human resources. Pakistan is severely facing the front of Capital, a country under...

Schools to remain open all over Pakistan except Sindh

In a recent IPEMC meeting, Shafqat Mahmood announces that schools will remain open all over Pakistan. However, due to the Covid situation, schools in Sindh will remain closed until August 8th.

Healing lives through literature during a global pandemic

The conceivable prescient books, by notable authors in literature, narrated the theme of isolation, community, and love. And in this respect, they are powerfully relatable to our present situation,...

US takes u-turn on Afghan refugee amid diplomatic row with Turkey

State Dept. says it 'did not intend to single out any particular country as a destination for refugees'

Indian-Taliban tensions might spell trouble for the Afghan peace process

The Taliban's latest condemnation of India for its unsolicited comments about the upcoming talks in Doha and New Delhi's alleged arming of Kabul spell trouble for the Afghan peace...

Delta outbreak in China can hurt the second largest economy

Some cities have banned residents from leaving, cancelled major events and closed tourism sites. That includes Wuhan, where the virus was first detected in 2019.

India taken off UK’s red list but Pakistan stays?

The UK removes India from its red list despite India recording over 42000 new covid cases in the past 24 hours. However, Pakistan is still on the list even though it has a comparatively lower rate of infections. According to Member of Bradford West Parliament, the UK government is favoring politics over science.

General BA Khan calls US “most dangerous” country in the world

Lt Gen BA Khan (Retired) former Pakistan's Secretary of "Defence" has a decade of experience interacting with the military leadership in the US. He in his new book “Suicide...

Madina Welfare State: PTI govt to launch Pakistan’s largest welfare program on August 9

The minister said with the help of the programme, the prime minister wanted to bring hundreds of thousands people out of poverty.

A gloomy tale of Pakistan and the Olympics

 Olympics, the ancient, and the largest gaming festival mark its beginning in 776 BC. The foundation of the sporting festival, initiated by Heracles, the son of Zeus, was laid...

Is Pakistan fueling a Taliban takeover?

Dr. Hussain Nadim argues that the political blame game played by the Afghanistan government is to deflect from its own administrative failures and incompetencies. He maintained that Pakistan has only helped its neighbor at the time of turmoil. The piece was originally published by the Lowy Institute and is republished here with the author's consent.

World Bank delegation meets govt economic team

The minister informed the delegation that due to effective measures by the government, the growth in circular debt was being curtailed to a considerable amount.

Why is Kashmir etched into Pakistan’s psyche?

Will India open the doors of riches and opulence for Pakistan if we drop Kashmir from our rhetoric? President AJK Sardar Masood Khan argues that those who believe this are living in an illusion. Kashmir or no Kashmir, India will not discard that agenda. He explains why Kashmir is an undeniable part of Pakistan's psyche.