US-China to avoid Cold War, UN Chief urges “mend dysfunctional” ties

UN chief urges US-China to avoid Cold War and mend "dysfunctional" ties as their cooperation is essential in a world that is marred by climate climate, still raging pandemic, Afghan conundrum and rising inequality.

“Western-bloc” cricket conspiracy targeted Pakistan Cricket, PCB chief

PCB chief claimed that "Western-bloc" cricket conspiracy targeted Pakistan Cricket leaving bad precedents, domino effect and hard lessons. Not only the two back to back pull-outs led Pakistan cricket financial losses but marred our reputation internationally.

FM Qureshi says Taliban’s recognition can wait, no rush

FM Qureshi during the high-level meetings at UNGA sidelines said that there is no rush to recognize the Taliban till they conform to international norms. However, he asserted that keeping Afghan assets and aid frozen as leverage will be counter-productive to Afghan stability.

Watch: Haleem Adil lashes out at staff of Quaid-e-Azam House

While visiting the Quaid-e-Azam House, Haleem Adil Sheikh got into a verbal tussle with the administrative officer. The heated argument sparked over the matter of Quaid-e-Azam House Museum’s commercial use.

Power tariff hiked by 40pc over three years

Since coming to power in 2018, the PTI government has increased power tariff by 40pc over a time span of three years; against NEPRA's recommendation.

Taliban announce male-dominated cabinet

As Taliban announce male-dominated cabinet, questions are raised if the new reality in Afghanistan will be the remake of their old one? After all, the recognition of a Taliban-led government would be linked to the treatment of women and minorities.

Is Shahbaz Taseer marrying model Neha Rajpoot?

Shahbaz Taseer and model Neha Rajput have been spotted together on multiple occasions. Shahbaz Taseer's ex-wife, Maheen Ghani, accused Neha Rajpoot of ending the couple's marriage. However, Neha Rajpoot hit back and said Maheen Ghani cheated on Shahbaz Taseer.

Turkey determined to boost trade relations with US

Erdogan pointed out cooperation opportunities between Turkey and the US, including security, defense, and investments, and stated his belief that differences in opinions between countries can be overcome through dialogue, solidarity, and mutual respect.

Why govt. hides details of gifts received by PM Khan

Govt. says releasing lists of gifts creates unwarranted media attraction, which potentially damages Pakistan's inter-state relations. Apparently, the justification was not enough for the Opposition. Interestingly, the trend of hiding overseas gifts began during PPP and PML-N eras.

An overview of Pakistan’s cyber security policies

Aneeqa Safdar discusses how cybersecurity policies complement each other and gear a nation and state toward a single objective. In this century of digitalization when all components of national security have a virtual presence, one additional security concern is cybersecurity threats.

PM Imran Khan to meet Pakistan T20 World Cup squad

In a bid to boost morale, PM Khan will meet the Pakistan T-20 Cricket team and share some words of wisdom with them. The meeting comes following the sudden cancellation of tours to Pakistan by New Zealand and England.

Pakistan set to increase exports to China in future

As part of the second phase of the free-trade agreement, China, which is Pakistan’s largest trade partner, removed tariffs on more than 300 Pakistani commodities, including agricultural products and textiles, bringing the total number of tariff-free goods to 1,000.

Pakistan and its war against terrorism

The number of terror attacks and the number of resulting fatalities have started to tick up again; sectarianism is growing and the causes feeding into the radicalization of the population not only continue to exist but, in some instances, are aggravating the problem.

Pakistan’s GDP growth projected at 4.2pc: Fitch

Fitch Solutions has predicted Pakistan's GDP to grow by 4.2% in fiscal year 2022 in its latest report, up from 3.9 percent in the FY21. The credit rating agency noted the increase in vaccination rates in the country, while forecasting the burden of imports on growth.

Turkey’s first lady attends screening of documentary “Ottoman America”

Turkey's first lady Emine Erdogan attended the screening of a documentary film on Ottoman immigrants. The documentary not only reveals the deep-rooted history of the Muslim community in the United States but also includes the stories of different ethnic groups.

Cotton supply skyrockets despite drop in sowing

Minister for National Food Security and Research informed that around 2.69 million bales of cotton had been sent to the local ginning factories till September 15, 2021, against 1.04 million bales in the corresponding period of last year.

Unhappy, Tabish Gauhar resigns as SAPM on Power & Petroleum

Tabish Gauhar resigns as SAPM on power and petroleum. Neither PM Khan nor Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar were happy with him. Tabish Gauhar was also accused of appointing his favorite officers in Pakistan State Oil & Faisalabad Electric Supply Company.

Why Iran is hesitant to help the Afghan refugees?

Fatemah Awan, a non-resident senior fellow at the Middle East Institute argues as the Taliban secured control of the border, many of those who entered Iran have been detained and returned to Afghanistan so why Iran is not willing to help the Afghan refugees?