BTS agency employees accused of insider trading

In a YouTube video posted on June 14 last year, BTS' band members told fans they were taking a break from the supergroup to focus on their solo careers, citing exhaustion and the pressures of their stratospheric success.

Islamabad Police refute allegations of torturing Sheikh Rashid’s staff members

The Islamabad Police rejected the allegations, saying the raid was conducted after obtaining the warrant. Meanwhile, only one employee got injured after falling. 

Iran-Taliban skirmishes and Pakistan’s ‘Afghanistan conundrum’

Pakistan, of course, will have to play a part, in whatever capacity, to keep the conflict between Iran and Afghanistan from blowing out as it would result in further unrest in Pakistan as well but there is still a limit to Pakistan’s influence over Taliban.

Celebrating National PTSD Awareness Month

National PTSD Awareness Month aims to help understand, support, and raise awareness about the struggles faced by those with PTSD.

Sam Khan’s legacy of compassion and empowerment in Edison

Sam Khan, a visionary leader who united communities, promoted interfaith harmony, and empowered marginalised voices, passed away.

FIU’s Meghji Family Trust gift advances Shi’a Islam scholarship

Funding from Meghji Family Trust enables FIU to establish a pioneering program in Shi'a Islam studies, promoting research and engagement.

Shinto and Islam in the changing religious tapestry of Japan

Challenges increase in Japan due to the growing Muslim population over the past two decades, sparked debates about peaceful coexistence.

Major (r) Adil Raja’s mother allegedly kidnapped

"When will such gross human rights violations stop in Pakistan? Today it's my mother, tomorrow it will be yours," Major (retd) Adil Raja said on Twitter.

Experts’ Warn About AI’s Potential Threat to Human Existence

Experts' warn about AI's potential threat to human existence, urging responsible development, and proactive measures.