PTI challenges ECP verdict in prohibited funding case

PTI Additional Secretary-General Omar Ayub filed the petition where he asked the court to nullify the ECP ruling. He also requested the court revoke ECP's show-cause notice sent to PTI Chairperson Imran Khan.

Reports claim militants returning to Swat

The return of militants in Swat is raising concern as the area was previously a Taliban stronghold where TV was banned, public hangings were not uncommon, and girls were barred from going to school.

Arrest of ARY’s Ammad Yousaf sparks fury among journalists

Journalists across Pakistan have spoken out against the arrest of ARY News head Ammad Yousaf. Interestingly, the arrest of Ammad Yousaf has also caught the attention of foreign journalists as well.

CCTV footage of Shahbaz Gill’s arrest goes viral

As per the video, a group of police officials stopped Shahbaz Gill’s vehicle at Imran Khan Chowk, Islamabad. Interestingly, the video contradicts claims made by PTI leaders.

“We stand with Tariq Jamil” trends on Twitter

PTI and its supporters condoned Maulana Tariq Jamil's statements and voiced support for him while claiming that as a citizen of Pakistan, he too has a right to express his opinion.

Pakistan raises storm over PEMRA’s suspension of ARY channel

ARY getting suspended for airing an expose on the government is sparking a strong reaction from civil society.

Ukraine warns of Chornobyl-style crisis after attack on nuclear plant

The world's worst civil nuclear disaster occurred in 1986 when one of the four reactors of the Chornobyl plant in northwest Ukraine caught fire and exploded.

China launches fresh military drills around Taiwan

Beijing has raged at the trip by Pelosi -- the highest-ranking elected US official to visit Taiwan in decades -- ripping up a series of talks and cooperation agreements with Washington.

UAE to invest $1 billion: bringing colors to the fading economy

Despite of persistent economic and political uncertainty in the country to the extent that Pakistan might default, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is planning to invest $1 billion in...