An overview of Pakistan’s cyber security policies

Aneeqa Safdar discusses how cybersecurity policies complement each other and gear a nation and state toward a single objective. In this century of digitalization when all components of national security have a virtual presence, one additional security concern is cybersecurity threats.

Pakistan and its war against terrorism

The number of terror attacks and the number of resulting fatalities have started to tick up again; sectarianism is growing and the causes feeding into the radicalization of the population not only continue to exist but, in some instances, are aggravating the problem.

Why Iran is hesitant to help the Afghan refugees?

Fatemah Awan, a non-resident senior fellow at the Middle East Institute argues as the Taliban secured control of the border, many of those who entered Iran have been detained and returned to Afghanistan so why Iran is not willing to help the Afghan refugees?

Social media: A tool for political propaganda?

According to Amna Tauhidi, Social media have become powerful tools for propaganda as the internet is unprecedentedly accessible for each individual, and interactive social networking sites provide a strong platform for debate and sharing opinions and has the power to cause unrest.

Setting the record straight on First Lady’s visit to PIMH

Bushra Bibi received a lot of flak on social media for her seemingly assertive tone with the hospital staff. However, Dr. Aneela Kamil has inside information on the visit and states that the First Lady was kind and sympathetic towards the hospital and its patients.

Is democracy really the best political system?

The word democracy itself means rule by the people. A democracy is a system where people can change their rulers in a peaceful manner and the government is given the right to rule because the people say it may. In many democratic countries, authoritarianism is practiced.

The significance of digital parenting in the modern society

According to Prof. Abdul Shakoor Shah, digital parenting is not only related to children’s digital safety, it also inculcates parents’ learning, surfing, restrictive, and managing skills. The restrictive approach to digital parenting undermines children’s digital skills and innovation.

Is the United States a free society?

Farah Adeed, a student of political science at San Diego State University, California, discusses how the Americans earned their freedom and laid down the foundation of a new country. America’s historical experience was different which led to the making of a different society.

Why was SCO summit so focused on Afghanistan?

Dr. Tahir Ashraf talks about SCO's efforts to step present a unified vision on dealing with Afghanistan, a nation that sits literally at its geographic core. The Summit focus is to reflect a fractured regional view of how to handle the new Taliban authorities in Afghanistan.

Will Turkey and Indonesia compete for leadership of the Muslim world?

Turkey and Indonesia may end up competing for the leadership of the Muslim world, argues, Prof James Dorsey. This is a battle, no one saw coming, which is likely to determine which Muslim-majority country or countries will be recognized as leaders of the Islamic world.

Tackling the issue of rising import bills in Pakistan

Within the petroleum sector, LNG imports are the subsector that can be substantially mitigated by taking a range of actions. Minimizing import dependence on hydrocarbons, in particular, should be a primary objective to ensure export-led economic growth in Pakistan.

New Zealand’s betrayal: A result of 5th generation warfare?

Ayaz Muhammad Khan, a certified computer trainer thinks Pakistan should go to an arbitration court in ICC for very heavy compensation as New Zealand has damaged Pakistan cricket immensely. He thinks this action might be a result of 5th generation warfare.

Assessing Indian war crimes in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir

Muhammad Akhtar discusses how the Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) has become one of the most militarized zones in the world, where the Indian occupying forces have been committing massive human rights violations as reported by the media.

Courtroom safety: A problem that must be addressed

There is an increase in the number of killings, shootings and fighting inside and outside, or even near the courtrooms and that is diminishing the trust of citizens in our justice system. Therefore, it is high time to make sure that the courtrooms are the safest place.

The importance of maintaining a daily work diary -Dr Farid A Malik

Dr. Farid A Malik, Ex-Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation discusses the importance of maintaining daily work diaries for the sake of better monitoring and efficiency in our institutions. It helps to keep a record of every individual's activities and progress at the workplace.

How maternal mental health impacts child development

Postpartum depression and the integration of maternal mental health into health programs have been a global concern for a long time. In women of child-bearing age, depression is widely responsible for the burden linked to mental disorders in infants.

The deep drivers of South Asian geopolitics

Ali Shah, head of research and analysis at the NUST talks about the historical significance of South Asian lands and how Afghanistan is a compression zone located in the South Asian shatter belt nested within the regional meta-ethnic frontiers.

Opposing Hindutva: US conference raises troubling questions

Dr. James Dorsey discusses the US academic conference on ‘Hindutva’ and the controversies that surround it. To him, the conference and responses to it highlight a deterioration of constructive civil debate as racism and Islamophobia become mainstream.