Pakistan’s Failure to promote Low-Cost Housing? A Historic Overview

Overview of the challenges highlights the lack of mortgage financing driven primarily by weak foreclosure laws and inadequate land registration and titles documentation, among other reasons.

Can the Judiciary turn the table now?

An independent judiciary is one of the crucial pillars of any genuine liberal democracy. Here in Pakistan, a new scandal has ignited a firestorm of controversy precisely because it is reminding us that our judicial branch can make no claim to independence.

How Pakistan got its way in Afghanistan?

With the Taliban back in power in Afghanistan, Pakistan may have come closer to achieving its long-sought “strategic depth” with respect to its western neighbor, with a Pakistan-friendly government in Kabul. But the Taliban’s victory is also seriously testing Pakistan’s relationship with US.

Construction sector builds the economy but needs attention

The construction industry continues to face severe obstacles shaking the confidence of builders, developers, and investors. The Government needs to direct more attention to this vital sector.

Sahiwal coal plant and the smog crisis

The Sahiwal Coal-fired power plant is unique in many ways. It has been established on the most fertile land of the country just a few miles away from Lahore. Coal is imported from South Africa and Indonesia which is unloaded at the Karachi port.

High commodity prices and IMF program

This is indeed beyond logic as far as IMF programmes are concerned, to push for procyclical policies, and in turn, expect Pakistan to push for greater taxes

Why Pakistani judiciary is a disappointment?

Pakistan was ranked 130th among the 139 assessed countries globally in “adherence to rule of law”, evaluated by the World Justice Project. Sadly, it was only Afghanistan that ranked behind Pakistan in the region. Adherence to rule of law can only be achieved when there is complete judicial independence

Operation Barbarossa: The Germans advance into the southwestern USSR

In north-western Russia, Leningrad was already surrounded from 8 September 1941 by German-Finnish forces. Leningrad was enduring bombardment from the air and the ground, while its inhabitants were being starved by the blockade.

Looking at the legacy of status quo and dictated narratives

There seems an endless and shameless struggle for power and money by the ruling elite befooling the masses using all tricks of deception and treachery. The political powerhouses have left no stone unturned to undermine, bribe and corrupt all the institutions of the country.