The political engineering in Pakistan – Lt. Gen. (r) Asad Durrani

Based on the best available assessment Yahya Khan agreed to hold them in 1970. He had been assured that a hung parliament, which would let the military strongman continue ruling the roost, was the most likely outcome.

Is Pakistan heading towards water bankruptcy?

Climate change has been causing weather pattern shifts in different parts of the country which requires focused solutions not one size fits all ones.KetiBunder, located near the Arabian Sea, has been hit by frequent seasonal/tropical storms

The “Absolutely not” patriots vs the “Absolutely Yes” in Pakistan

Many are aware that Pakistan is standing on a dangerous precipice of either reverting back to an era where corrupt elites subordinate to western dictates ensured their enslavement in a cycle of poverty and degradation.

Delimitations in Jammu and Kashmir

Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) is a contentious issue between Pakistan and India that has been recognized by India as a contentious issue at the international forum including the United Nations.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s heady days

The delegation was made up of representatives of different branches of the ruling Al Saud family, including Prince Abdulaziz bin Ahmed, the eldest son of Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the detained brother of King Salman.

Sri Lankan Crisis: A lesson for Pakistan

Fearing Mahinda and Basil were trying to outflank him and engineer their own return to power, Gotabaya secretly met Wickremesinghe to pledge his support. Soon after, the Supreme Court ruled against Mahinda’s claim, and he backed down.

Analyzing the outcomes of revocation of Article 370 and 35A on IOK

The disputed valley's celebration of India's defeat by Pakistan during the T20 Cricket World Cup was, in fact, a manifestation of such sentiments and a form of dissent. Predictably those who celebrated were arrested and thrown into jail.

Secret of prosperity of dynastic politics in Pakistan

How have these political dynasties managed to sustain their political strength over many decades? There are multifarious reasons. Maintaining strong control over bureaucracy and institutions is one of them.

Importance of regional cooperation to counter Islamic State Khorasan (ISKP)

The effective strategy to counter ISKP is to increase the role of regional cooperation under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). The SCO is a platform with the fundamental goal to promote regional security, peace, and stability.