The Psychologist Filmmaker: Gem of Soviet Cinema

Explore the enduring legacy of Soviet filmmaker Larisa Shepitko, who continues to inspire cinephiles and filmmakers alike.

The Rising Tide of Hindu Extremism in India: A Threat to Minority Rights and Democracy

In the contemporary global landscape, marked by dynamic geopolitical shifts and transformative economic paradigms, nations are actively realigning their diplomatic strategies, placing strategic goals on par with economic advancements....

Is It the Right Time for Putin to Retreat?

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has led to exhaustion on both sides, with negotiations potentially resulting in a neutral Ukraine.

My Malaysia ordeal shows how religion can fuse with populist nationalism to silence dissent

This article was first published in The conversation on March, 01 2024. I hadn’t expected my book tour in Malaysia to end with a confrontation with men who identified themselves...

Downside of High Tech

The ongoing global discourse delves into the dual nature of technology, highlighting its positive impact while grappling with emerging risks.

The Rarity of Leaders Like Imran Khan

Imran Khan's charismatic leadership, unwavering devotion, and a mission-driven ethos, sets a transformative standard for Pakistan's future.

Pakistan’s 9 mistakes and the way forward

The author emphasizes the need for national reconciliation, fair elections, and empowering overseas Pakistanis to address these challenges and restore confidence in the country's governance and economy.

The Gaza war is set to spill onto the streets of Western cities

Adding to the increased threat of Gaza-related violence spilling into other parts of or beyond the Middle East, Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah, warned for the second time in a week that Hezbollah would retaliate.

Gaza war calls Middle East de-escalation into question

Human rights groups and journalists reported the arrests of activists in the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia who had expressed support for the Palestinians. Others were warned not to.