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Writer Submission Guidelines

We welcome pitches and unsolicited manuscripts.

Global Village Space is an online platform for delivering a diverse range of opinions. Our aim is two-fold: first to clarify and simplify issues for our readers and to give the range of views on any issue as much as is possible. Our readers are knowledgeable but  probably not specialists in the area you are writing about. It is imperative when submitting a piece that writers use simple clear English and avoid all kinds of technical jargon that requires readers to have previous knowledge.

  • The best guide to what we are looking for, in terms of both substance and style, is what we have already published.
  • All submissions should be accompanied by full contact information (mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address) and a brief note describing the author’s current positions and relevant experience.
  • Write for the widest possible audience.
  • Write clear and concise arguments that will make the reader to think and argue with you in their mind.
  • In your piece make it clear why what you are writing should matter to the reader.
  • Please provide links within your pieces so that they can be fact-checked where necessary. Aim for several per piece.
  • All pieces may be edited for clarity, style, and length.
  • The editorial team will choose the title if needed to ensure the widest dissemination of the article.
  • Please send us your article in the email body as we do not open attachments.
  • Your article once accepted may subsequently be published in our monthly magazine.
  • Once your article has been published, we encourage you to join in the debate that follows.

Please email all submissions to editor@globalvillagespace.com