Pakistan’s Sovereign Debt; A Pitfall

With the nation's economy on its last stand, the PTI government is at a junction where it's either their popularity or the nation's economy that will fall - the...

Pakistani onion to be welcomed by Chinese people: Zhao Lijian

This year from January to September, China-Pakistan Agriculture trade achieved a record of USD 860 million, of which export from Pakistan to China was USD 613 million and it will increase year on year.

Reversal of Competitive Energy Pricing: Govt loses credibility?  

Imran Khan government’s recent reversal on its regionally competitive gas tariffs for exporters reduces government’s credibility, adversely affects textile exporters capacity to invest in innovation and has created a disturbing energy cost disparity between two federating units of Sindh and Punjab.

Why Pakistan needs a new tax model for economic prosperity

The only viable option for meaningful change in Pakistan is to replace the existing tax system with a lower, flat, and predictable tax system that is simple, pragmatic, growth-oriented, and broad-based. It is high time that the government and all political parties should consider it seriously.

Pakistan’s economy expected to grow by 5%: Muzammil

The tough decisions coupled with the prudent policies by the incumbent government helped put the country’s economy on its own feet, said Muzammil Aslam, Spokesman for Advisor to PM on Finance and Revenue

Hascol’s loss reduced by PKR 10.2bn

Leading oil marketing company, Hascol's loss reduced by PKR 10.2 billion year over year. It posted a loss of PKR 25 billion for CY20 and a loss of PKR 35.2 billion for CY19, as highlighted in restated financial statements. Hascol is well on its way to sustainable profitability

India rejects WTO fishing proposal as it favors rich nations

A draft text that would seek to end subsidies for illegal fishing will be discussed in late November at the WTO in Geneva. But an Indian commerce ministry official revealed that the ongoing discussions hadn't yet addressed the concerns of developing countries like India.

Stocks up after US inflation scare

Fed officials have insisted that the jump in inflation will be temporary as the global economy slowly returns to a semblance of normality next year in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pakistan Single Window to bring billions of dollars investment

Tarin said, the government was actively pursuing the agenda to make Pakistan hub for regional trade and transit and realize full impact of Pakistan geostrategic and geo-economic location.