Daraz Group Implements Layoffs Amidst Restructuring Efforts”

Daraz Group, owned by Alibaba, implements layoffs across its operations in response to market challenges and aims to enhance sustainability.

OGDCL’s Strong H1 Fiscal Results and Dividend Declaration

OGDCL announces robust financial performance for H1 fiscal year 2023-24, with significant profit, revenue, and dividend declaration.

Bitcoin Surges to Two-Year High, Ether Tops $3,200

Bitcoin hits two-year high amid institutional buying and ETF approval, while ether surpasses $3,200, fueled by market momentum.

US Emerges as Top Global LNG Exporter, Capturing 21% Market Share by 2023

The US solidifies its position as the leading LNG exporter worldwide, commanding a 21% market share by the end of 2023.

Europe’s Gas Consumption Hits 10-Year Low Amid Rising LNG Imports

Europe witnesses a decade-low in gas consumption while boosting LNG imports and diversifying energy sources.

Gov. Raises Fuel Prices Amidst International Market Volatility

The caretaker government raises petrol and high-speed diesel prices amidst international market volatility.

Looming Crisis: Textile Sector’s Plea for Government Intervention

The textile industry faces a dire situation with over 50% of firms at risk of closure due to soaring energy prices.

Chocolate Giants Navigate Price Hikes Amid Surging Cocoa Costs

Hershey and Cadbury makers plan price hikes to offset soaring cocoa prices, as consumer demand softens due to inflation impact.

Pakistan’s Exports to Afghanistan Increase by 3.63% in Fiscal Year 2023-24

Pakistan's exports to Afghanistan showed a modest increase in fiscal year 2023-24, as reported by the State Bank of Pakistan.