Sugar import to set back Pakistan a whopping Rs18 billion

A recent meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee has decided to import 200,000 metric tonnes of sugar to build strategic reserves as countermeasures because the government expects speculative forces to drive the price up. Rs18 billion has been set aside for the import of the necessary sweetener.

73 Pakistani businessmen awarded Golden Visa for UAE

After Fakhr-e-Alam and Shoaib Malik, now 73 Pakistani entrepreneurs and businessmen have been granted the Golden Visa that erases travel restrictions for 10 years.

Gov’t to formulate a list of fake companies owned by Pakistanis

Imran Khan government has started work to comply with the FATF's recent and most challenging points given in the recent plenary. The implementation of these points would tighten the regulations for Pakistanis who have investments abroad.

Pakistan’s external sector doing good, but the way ahead is thorny

Pakistan's Current Account has fared pretty well on the back of high capital inflows from remittances and the textile sector, but the recent downward trajectory shows that government needs to work on policy reforms to diversify the export portfolio and maintain the promised "sustainable growth".

Chairman AKD securities says economy heading in right direction

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi while talking to a private media channel said that behind the current plunge in the economic indicators there is a sign for the hope that will be visible in some time as the local economy heading towards expansion. He also suggested solutions to the energy sector's problems.

IMF approves reforms to help poor countries in economic recovery

The reforms will increase the normal limits on access to concessional financing by 34 percent, coupled with the elimination of hard limits on access for the poorest countries. This would increase the flexibility of funds disbursement according to the need of the related countries.

Pakistan’s economy remains a challenging situation for Tarin, experts

As the new fiscal year 2022 begins, the experts argue government's macroeconomic direction seems to go in a direction that is inflationary by every standard, increasing the burden on the people and will make the far-reaching economic targets difficult to realize.

ECC approves a 53pc increase in the price of necessary items

ECC on Friday also decided to import 200,000 tons of sugar to maintain strategic reserves and has decided to focus more on the bottom-up approach to decrease poverty with its many new initiatives announced.

Financial setoff mechanism by govt owned IPPs may loosen the noose of circular debt; envisions Hammad Azhar

Circular debt, Pakistan’s bleeding wound has been the anathema to economic progress and social alleviation for many years. With the approval of the financial setoff mechanism for government-owned entities by ECC, circular debt may decline. Should we take it with a grain of salt or is there some weight in this?

HBL wins “Best Bank in Pakistan 2021” award by Euromoney 

Euromoney awards HBL the accolade of Pakistan’s Best Bank 2021. Earlier this year, the Bank also won the Asiamoney award for Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan 2021.  These two awards...

Pakistan’s economic development amidst global challenges

Pakistan on the right track of economic development despite global challenges. However, if the hurdles are not handled tactfully, it may hamper the stability and growth rate of the economy, experts warn.

Shaukat Tarin orders import of 100,000 tonnes of sugar

Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin gave this order while presiding over the National Price Monitoring Committee (NPMC) on 12th July, while he expressed satisfaction over the decrease price trend for sugar in the country. 

Govt’s LPG policy exploited by importers to earn billions

The news of exploitation of the government’s 2015 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) policy by private importers came to the surface during an emergency meeting called by the Petroleum Division...

PM Khan’s billion tree project shows remarkable results in Swat

Sharing a video of a hilly area in Swat showing trees being planted in the entire landscape, the prime minister said that it was Matta in Swat where the...

Vaccinated Pakistanis can now travel to Saudi Arabia

According to KSA Muqeem Portal, Pakistanis who have already been injected with two doses of Sinopharm and Sinovac can now travel to Saudia Arabia with one additional dose of...

PM Khan! Unlock Pakistan’s growth potential this way!

The hurdles to growth in the economy such as protectionism spearheaded by trade policy are affecting the productivity. Pakistan can unlock it's growth potential by taking some key policy measures as suggested by Mr. Shahid Sattar, the executive director of APTMA. For one instance, textile exports can increase to $20 billion by 2021 but this requires one key input:

Here is why the Jolta JE 70 is better than the Honda CD70

Pakistan has recently seen the launch of the country’s first-ever electric bike named JE-70. The manufacturer Jolta company has launched the bike as an alternative to the fuel run...

South Punjab to get first Amazon Center (AFFC) after Eid

Post Master General (PMG) Zulfiqar Husnain said that the government has made untiring efforts to get Pakistani products access to Amazon, and Pakistan Post was working relentlessly to achieve...

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Urea exports: Massive opportunity for the economy of Pakistan

There is a need to recognize that locally manufactured urea can become one of the top exports of Pakistan without any additional investments by the industry, which can be an essential component for the government’s Vision 2025 which seeks to elevate Pakistan’s position from a lower middle income to an upper-middle income country by pursuing an ambitious, export-led growth strategy.