July flashback: Pakistan unveils Al-Khalid tank

The Al-Khalid tanks are the front-line main battle tanks of the Pakistan Army. The...

Peace or justice? The European split over the war...

If one has to combine a list of major highlights of the year 2022,...

From APS to Oxford: A journey of hardship and...

In March of this year, Ahmad Nawaz, a survivor of the 2014 Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan...

June 2022 ISSUE

Pakistan Property Event in Doha Attracts over 5,000 Visitors

Pakistan's largest real estate enterprise Zameen.com has successfully concluded the first Qatar edition of...

HBL Enriching Lives: Leading a purpose led transformation for...

In June, Pakistan's largest commercial bank, HBL, released its first-ever Impact & Sustainability report...

What Makes PTI’s Uprising Unique?

"Forming united front to fight foe or rival is an integral part of any...

May 2022 ISSUE

Editorial: Uneasy is the head that wears the crown

The May edition of Global Village Space (GVS) magazine is out! This issue looks at the political and economic challenges facing the country.

HBL – A ‘Technology Company with a Banking License’

Starting in 2016, HBL adopted a technology-focused approach, which is unparalleled in the country. It re-envisioned itself as a 'Technology company with a banking license' and, in doing so, transformed itself into a bank of the future – one that is empowering its customers through digital enablement.

Masjid-e-Nabawi incident: Morally reprehensible but must not be religiously...

During PM Shehbaz Sharif’s visit to Masjid-e-Nabwi, some Pakistani pilgrims in the courtyard outside...

April 2022 ISSUE

Editorial: Next Prime Minister?

The April edition of Global Village Space (GVS) magazine is out! This edition focuses on multiple issues. This issue starts with giving a brief overview of the domestic political front and continues to look at key elements from Pakistan’s national security policy and encourage debate on its inputs.

Muslim World’s Foreign Ministers assemble in Islamabad

Islamabad hosted the 48th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers on 22-23 March 2022, themed "Partnering for Unity, Justice and Development." The gathering for the first time saw the attendance of China's foreign minister, Wang Yi, as a special guest.

Washington should move from “Regime Change” to “Regime Engagement”

America – perhaps for the first time in Pakistan’s history – is about to become a domestic political issue in a highly contested election campaign. This is unfortunate for both Pakistan and the United States and many in Islamabad wonder how to fix this Shakespearean tragedy – with Imran Khan as its unexpected hero.


How businesses can help reduce water mismanagement?

The corporate sector has an important role to play in addressing the growing water mismanagement. Companies are increasingly becoming aware of the need for sustainable use of watersheds and accessibility of water to the communities.

Jahan Fans Wahan Stadium successful conclusion of HBL PSL...

The HBL PSL season 7, which started January 27, played for a month till...

Imran Khan slammed E.U. Ambassadors for their letter!

Prime Minister Imran Khan blasted E.U. Ambassadors for their double standards. The heads of...


SECMC: The game changer for Pakistan’s energy sector

Pakistan has plenty of readily available indigenous resources that have the potential and capacity...

FWO: A Symbol of Pak-China Friendship!

FWO was born working with Chinese firms and over the past fifty years, this national strategic organization has become an eternal symbol of cooperation between Chinese and Pakistani engineering that is working to redefine the region by improving connectivity and transforming lives from the edges of the Arabian Sea to Kashghar.

Pakistan’s National Security Policy: GVS welcomes the debate!

New National Security Policy has stimulated a debate. It's mostly misdirected and misses the point that NSP is a policy and not a law. But we at GVS welcome the brainstorming and hope that opposing opinions will help generate the feedback that will improve the policy document that has been considered deficient by many – Editor.


Pakistan elevates first woman judge to the Supreme Court

The Judicial Commission of Pakistan has created history by elevating Justice Ayesha Malik to the Supreme Court – the highest judicial forum of the country. For the first time ever, a woman judge will be represented on the bench of this Muslim country's exclusively male-dominated top court.

Abdullah Manto: Fisherman who loves releasing the fish back...

Abdullah is a Canadian of Pakistani origin who lives in the UAE and keeps shuttling between these three regions. But this is not an introduction for this 18-year-old law student who aspires to be a conservationist. What intrigues GVS editors about him is his unusual fascination for the fish of the world.

AKD Securities Ltd. wins title of “Best Retail Brokerage”

Asiamoney ranked AKD Securities Ltd at the top in the category of best retail brokerage.


Hafiz Saeed: Albatross around Pakistan’s Neck?

While FATF (Financial Action Task Force) proceedings at Paris, were non-transparent and Pakistan’s troubles at FATF are not single-dimensional, perhaps more political than professional;...


Escaping the graveyard of nations: Expert Opinions

It is looking likely that after the USA leaves, a good deal of political uncertainty is about to hit Afghanistan - what should Pakistan be doing under this scenario? PM Imran Khan has flatly refused to allow the US base in Pakistan but should he have been more flexible as Pakistan requires US support to get off from the FATF grey list and is also seeking relaxation under the present IMF program? Our experts looked at the Implications of US bases in Pakistan, potential benefits to the country, and ramifications of political uncertainty in Afghanistan.