Pakistan dispatches 300-ton edibles to their Afghan brothers

Pakistan dispatches 300-ton edibles to their Afghan brothers as humanitarian support which is contrary to the world's wait and see policy. Pakistan aims not only to provide immediate assistance through food but also enable Afghans to stand on their feet in these testing times.

Dialogues with Taliban over inclusive Afghan government started: PM Khan

PM Khan have initiated dialogues with Taliban over inclusive Afghan government for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan conducive for the region. He added that the 40 years war in Afghanistan can only end by engaging with the Taliban.

Pakistan’s constructive role in Afghanistan throughout: German envoy

German envoy while giving an interview to Radio Pakistan lauded Pakistan's constructive role in Afghanistan in the Doha Peace process, engagement with Taliban and the German airlift. He pointed out multiple avenues where their Pak-German cooperation can persist.

NSA warns Afghan collapse on world’s “wait and see policy”

NSA warns Afghan collapse on world's "wait and see policy" as the security vacuum in the presence of military group will spell disaster. He added that due to withheld assets, Afghan humanitarian and economic collapse is inevitable.

Positive international engagement with Taliban imperative: PM Imran Khan

PM Khan in the SCO summit said that positive international engagement with Taliban imperative to circumvent terrorism and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. He added that Pakistan for decades has faced the brunt of Afghan militancy and hence supports a peaceful Afghan settlement.

SCO’s new role in Afghanistan; what benefits can Iran reap?

SCO's new role in Afghanistan becomes crucial as fears of terrorism and violence reverberate in the region with Iran aiming to secure its stakes. Will the SCO platform see the unity of three Eurasian countries whose solidarity will be a counterbalance to US?

Afghan missions in limbo, envoys begging for acceptance overseas

Afghan missions are in limbo overseas with no money to keep them operational while envoys seek acceptance from host nations as they fear return to Afghanistan which they deem no longer safe.

UN envoy meets Afghanistan’s interior Minister: Taliban spokesman

The meeting between Deborah Lyons, head of the U.N. mission in Afghanistan, and Sirajuddin Haqqani focused on humanitarian assistance, Suhail Shaheen, a Taliban spokesman, said in a statement.

PM Imran Khan lands in Dushanbe for 20th SCO summit

This is the third visit of the Prime Minister to Central Asia, undermining Pakistan’s enhanced engagement with the region. The prime minister will hold bilateral meetings with other participating leaders on the sidelines. 

Taliban urge US to show humanity, thank world for aid

Taliban urge US to show heart and thank the world for sending aid which they will use to alleviate poverty and bring life to Afghan ailing economy. The US and IMF claim that they will only release assets and funds if Taliban's actions reflect their words.

Girls of Afghan football team to get Pakistan’s protection

32 girls of Afghan football team urged Pakistan PM for protection from Taliban as they fear for their lives for playing sports and fulfilling their dreams. Human rights agencies comment that the girls' fear reflect the lethal culture of submissiveness Taliban had wrought for years.

Secy Blinken faces contentious House hearing on Biden’s Afghan exit

Secy Blinken on Monday faced a contentious House hearing as Republicans slammed Biden for bringing US great humiliation by his muddled exit strategy. Blinken defended Biden's approach by claiming that we inherited a deadline not a plan.