UN agency urges Pakistan to halt expelling Afghans during winter

Over 370,000 Afghans have fled Pakistan since Oct. 1.

Afghan border trade resumes after Pakistan suspends new visa rule

Commercial traffic ground to a halt Tuesday when Pakistan began requiring the crew of commercial vehicles to have passports and visas to enter, and Afghanistan responded by refusing to allow any trucks to pass.

Angelina Jolie reacts to Pakistan’s forced evacuation of Afghan refugees

Angelina Jolie expressed sadness on Instagram over Pakistan's forced relocation of over a million Afghan refugees to Afghanistan, leaving behind their properties.

Pakistan should solve its domestic problems on its own: Taliban

Spokesman for interim Afghan administration responds to Pakistani claims about rise in militants attacks by 60% since 2021

More than 165,000 Afghans flee Pakistan in a month after govt order

The majority rushed to the border in the past several days as the November 1 deadline approached and police began to open up dozens of holding centres to detain arrested Afghans.

Afghans return to Taliban rule as Pakistan moves to expel 1.7 million

The Taliban government in Afghanistan said some 60,000 Afghans returned between Sept 23 to Oct 22 from Pakistan, which announced on Oct 4 it will expel undocumented migrants that do not leave.

Islamic State group claims deadly blast in Kabul

The Sunni Muslim extremist group said it had used a parcel bomb that "IS fighters placed in a room where Shiites gather".

Afghan player dedicates his performance to immigrants being deported from Pakistan

His comments have left many cricket fans in Pakistan sad and disappointed. They argued that the action is only being taken against illegal Afghan immigrants.

Another quake hits western Afghanistan; official says losses “huge”

The office of Herat's governor said in a statement that some districts adjoining areas that had been completely flattened by earlier quakes had suffered "huge losses".

Taliban weighs using U.S. mass surveillance plan, met with China’s Huawei

This initiative aims to enhance security and counter international militant groups, particularly the Islamic State, which has been responsible for numerous major attacks in Afghan cities.

Swiss NGO says 18 staff members detained in Afghanistan

The International Assistance Mission (IAM) said the staffers were picked up from its office in Ghor province, central Afghanistan, and taken to the capital Kabul.

UN says Taliban envoy can meet Pakistan, China ministers next week

Afghanistan sits as a key geographical trade and transit route between South and Central Asia and has billions of dollars of untapped mineral resources. The Taliban seized power in August 2021 as US-led forces withdrew after 20 years of war.