Sharia-compliant banking to arrive in Australia

Islamic Bank Australia introduces Sharia-compliant banking, rejecting interest and emphasizing ethical finance

Australia reviving use of term ‘occupied Palestinian territories’

Move consistent with UN Security Council resolutions, also with approach taken by UK, EU, New Zealand, says Foreign Minister Penny Wong

Australian man, his dog survive 2-month sea voyage in Pacific Ocean

Shaddock set out in April with his canine companion Bella on journey from Mexico to French Polynesia but stranded at sea after ship got caught in storm and its electronic accents failed

Taylor Swift’s Australian tour faces technical challenges

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour creates frenzy in Australia as VIP packages sell out, causing site crashes, leaving fans in anticipation.

Australia gives Twitter 28 days to clean up ‘toxicity and hate’

E-safety commissioner Julie Inman Grant -- a former Twitter employee -- said the platform was now responsible for one-in-three complaints about online hate speech reported in Australia.

China ends import ban on Australian timber

Xiao Qian told reporters in Canberra that China would resume imports of Australian timber as of Thursday after Beijing clamped down on the trade in 2020.

Australia’s unwavering support for vulnerable communities in Pakistan

In a world where hunger persists, Australia has taken a bold step by announcing AUD 5M for emergency nutrition.

China reacts to Australia’s nuclear plans

Beijing calls the AUKUS deal a violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Australia, India agree on strengthening economic, defence ties

Last year, the two countries signed a free trade deal called the Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA), the first signed by India with a developed country in a decade.

Australia to buy 4-5 Virginia class submarines under AUKUS

As part of the historic defense pact, Australia is anticipated to purchase up to five nuclear-powered submarines of the US Virginia class in the 2030s.

Australia to spend $4.8 billion on 2032 Olympic venues

The Queensland capital was awarded the 2032 summer Olympics and Paralympics two years ago, returning the Games to Australia for a third time after Melbourne 1956 and then Sydney 2000.

Australia to remove British monarch from banknotes

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) said it would consult Indigenous people on a new design that "honours the culture and history of the First Australians".