BHC bars filing of new cases against Azam Swati

The Balochistan High Court (BHC) ordered not to lodge more cases against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator Azam Swati in the province.

The reason behind Balochistan floods

A member of Contractor Association Balochistan spoke up about the damage that the rains had wrought in Balochistan.

The growing financial crisis at University of Balochistan

Depriving academics and employees of their salaries at the University of Balochistan will serve the interest of external enemies of the country.

Reko Diq alliance between Pakistan and Barrick: Evolving it as “world-class mine”

Finance Minister said the development of Reko Diq represented the largest direct foreign investment in Baluchistan.

Missing person case: IHC questions ‘state within a state’

"Who is responsible for the enforced disappearances of people? Is there a state operating within the state," says IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah.

Pakistan to provide military support to US as Mooed Yusuf meets counterpart

While Pakistan initially denied any military support to the US post the Afghan peace process, Washington just announced to the contrary.

LCCI praises PM Khan’s efforts to curb petrol smuggling

In a statement issued on Monday, he praised the PM’s efforts to curb the menace of petrol smuggling and stressed that concrete steps should...

Balochistan approves its first digital policy

The aim of the 2020-2021 Balochistan digital policy is to provide e-governance, public access to digital services, and provision of cheap, standard, and high-speed...

Increased sectarian violence in Pakistan, why is the Gulf silent?

Silent about rising sectarian violence in Pakistan, Gulf states vying for religious soft power risk exposing the limitations of their concepts of an undefined...

BBoIT inaugurates regional office in Karachi

The Balochistan Board of Investment and Trade (BBoIT) has inaugurated a regional office in Karachi to broaden and enhance their network. This remarkable breakthrough...

Op-ed: Imran should make Afghan peace efforts conditional to RAWs push-out

Pak-Afghan relations have hardly remained friendly. Right from day one, Kabul maintained an unfriendly posture. Pakhtunistan stunt and non-acceptance of Durand Line as an...

Op-ed: Innocent children in Pakistan at mercy of lustful men

The vulnerability of Pakistani children Saeed-ur-Rahman, a kid from Landhi, a poor suburban locality of Karachi, was canned on hands by his teacher daily while...