Pakistan’s GDP growth projected at 4.2pc: Fitch

Fitch Solutions has predicted Pakistan's GDP to grow by 4.2% in fiscal year 2022 in its latest report, up from 3.9 percent in the FY21. The credit rating agency noted the increase in vaccination rates in the country, while forecasting the burden of imports on growth.

Pakistan’s economy moving towards growth?

Shaukat Tarin held a virtual meeting with the Executive Secretary of UNESCAP, Ms. Armida Salsiah. He talked about the macro-economic challenges faced by Pakistan and underlined fiscal policies being undertaken to place the economy on a growth trajectory.

Afghanistan is experiencing the ‘mother of all sudden stops’: Atif Mian

Pakistani-American Economist Atif Mian talked about the severity of Afghanistan’s economic situation and said that the country is experiencing “mother of all sudden stops”. He said that the Taliban’s ascend to power will be not as easy as more than two decades ago when the economy was much stable.

Pakistan to produce record bales of cotton

The production of cotton in Punjab is expected to touch 4.5 million bales at an increase of approximately 8.5% from last year. Overall cotton production is expected to reach 8.46 million bales.

Pakistan’s trade deficit widens 133pc in August

Trade deficit for the country rose, as the imports grew twice as fast as the growth in exports. The deficit for the month of August reached to an all time high of $4.05 billion, increasing 133.1 per cent year-on-year and 24.4 per cent month-on-month.

Inflation rises year-on-year to record 8.4pc in August

While the consumer price index inflation did not increase much compared to last month of July, it recorded a slightly higher increase on a year-on-year bases compared to August 2020. According to a recent government report the inflation is poised to reach 9 per cent due to monetary expansion and increasing prices in international market.

Standard & Poor’s affirms stable outlook for Pakistan

On the condition of implementation of economic reforms by the government, the credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s Global sees Pakistan progressing on economic fronts. It has estimated that Pakistan’s foreign financing needs are covered for the next twelve months, with bilateral and multilateral inflows.

Overseas Pakistanis can now redeem cash-rewards for sending remittances

The federal cabinet of Pakistan under the presidency of Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the redemption of cash for the points earned by remitters under National Remittance Loyalty Programme from October onwards.

Pakistan records 59 pc increase in Business Confidence Index

As lockdown lifts and Pakistan's manufacturing industries resume operations, investors express confidence and optimism regarding the country's business environment. Due to this, the OICCI upgraded Pakistan by 59pc in its survey.

IMF approves reforms to help poor countries in economic recovery

The reforms will increase the normal limits on access to concessional financing by 34 percent, coupled with the elimination of hard limits on access for the poorest countries. This would increase the flexibility of funds disbursement according to the need of the related countries.

Financial setoff mechanism by govt owned IPPs may loosen the noose of circular debt; envisions Hammad Azhar

Circular debt, Pakistan’s bleeding wound has been the anathema to economic progress and social alleviation for many years. With the approval of the financial setoff mechanism for government-owned entities by ECC, circular debt may decline. Should we take it with a grain of salt or is there some weight in this?

Pakistan’s economic development amidst global challenges

Pakistan on the right track of economic development despite global challenges. However, if the hurdles are not handled tactfully, it may hamper the stability and growth rate of the economy, experts warn.