67M Samsung Smartphones by Chinese Firms in 2024

Samsung seems to be increasingly reliant on outsourced production for its budget smartphone range. The South Korean tech giant is anticipated to produce 67...

China and Hungary announce ‘new era’ of relations

Beijing and Budapest aim to establish an “all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership”

A man made millions by faking viewer counts in China

A man identified only as Wang orchestrated a scheme involving thousands of smartphones to artificially boost live-streaming viewer numbers.

China launches historic mission to retrieve samples from far side of the moon

China's largest rocket - the Long March-5 - blasted off from the southern island of Hainan, with the Chang'e-6 probe in tow.

China tests next-generation aircraft carrier

The warship set out for its maiden sea trials from Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard on Wednesday

Elon Musk in China for talks

The Tesla CEO has met with Prime Minister Li Qiang to promote autonomous driving technology

12 lives claimed, 4 vanish in Chinese coal mine accidents

In just 24 hours, two separate coal mine incidents shook China, resulting in a total of at least 12 fatalities & 2 individuals still missing.

China declares sanction against US based company

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced its intention to implement "countermeasures" against Kharon and its director of investigations.

Urgent need of heat supply due to historically low temperatures in China

This unforeseen and persistent cold snap is placing considerable strain on thermal power suppliers, particularly in the city of Jiaozuo.

Rescue teams work tirelessly to pull victims to safety in freezing weather in China

Braving below-freezing temperatures, rescue teams worked tirelessly to pull victims to safety in the wake of the disaster.

Northwest China hit with catastrophic earthquake

Following the disaster, as the tremors echoed through the region, a quick and well-coordinated rescue effort was put into action.

China intensifies its repression of Muslim communities beyond the Xinjiang region

In the shadow of international debates over conflicts like the Gaza Strip, a different and largely overlooked crisis is unfolding in China.