Situation with China in Ladakh “dangerous”: India

According to the Indian foreign minister, the situation between India and China in the Ladakh region in the western Himalayas is unstable and dangerous.

Ukraine struggles to keep Bakhmut

The battle for Bakhmut has become the focus of Russia's winter campaign to capture Ukraine's eastern region, with both sides describing it as Europe's bloodiest infantry battle since World War Two.

China-Russia ‘love affair’ will deepen: US intelligence

The alliance between China and Russia is expected to strengthen and develop over the coming years, according to US intelligence.

National data bureau— step towards a ‘digital China’

Last week, China unveiled a new plan that aims for the country to lead digital development globally by 2035.

China announces massive oil and gas discovery

The oilfield in the Bohai Sea contains 100 million tons of reserves, according to the China National Offshore Oil Corporation

Beijing calls US world’s ‘primary nuclear threat’

Washington’s charges against China’s nuclear arsenal are merely a “pretext” to continue expanding its own, the foreign ministry has said

China’s Xi to secure third term as president, brush off crises

Xi is certain to be reappointed as president after he locked in another five years as head of the Communist Party (CCP) and the military -- the two more significant leadership positions in Chinese politics -- in October.

Stop ‘smearing’ China with lab leak narrative, Beijing tells US

The Chinese Foreign Ministry slammed the “intelligence” findings of the US Department of Energy

China accused of stealing Western technology

US and EU officials claim Chinese courts are nullifying patents of foreign companies in critical sectors

US draws ‘red line’ for China

Beijing providing Moscow with “lethal” aid would be unacceptable, top American officials warn

Chinese tech billionaire goes missing: Company

Bao Fan, who is also executive director of the bank, is a major figure in the Chinese tech industry and has played a key role in the emergence of various domestic internet startups.

China blacklists 2 US defense companies over arms sales to Taiwan

Beijing bans Lockheed Martin, Raytheon from trade activities in China