China declares sanction against US based company

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced its intention to implement "countermeasures" against Kharon and its director of investigations.

Urgent need of heat supply due to historically low temperatures in China

This unforeseen and persistent cold snap is placing considerable strain on thermal power suppliers, particularly in the city of Jiaozuo.

Rescue teams work tirelessly to pull victims to safety in freezing weather in China

Braving below-freezing temperatures, rescue teams worked tirelessly to pull victims to safety in the wake of the disaster.

Northwest China hit with catastrophic earthquake

Following the disaster, as the tremors echoed through the region, a quick and well-coordinated rescue effort was put into action.

China intensifies its repression of Muslim communities beyond the Xinjiang region

In the shadow of international debates over conflicts like the Gaza Strip, a different and largely overlooked crisis is unfolding in China.

China’s Stealth Submarine Advancements Signal a New Era in Underwater Warfare

The angled sides of the submarine act as a stealth defense, minimizing the vessel's 'signal strength' and making it less detectable.

China emerges as the world’s largest debt collector

China has emerged as the world's largest debt collector owed an amount ranging from $1.1 trillion to $1.5 trillion.

Coal mine fire in China has claimed the lives of 16 individuals

Shanjiaoshu Coal Mine became the site of devastation as a conveyor belt fire left miners trapped, leading to their demise.

Chinese government reportedly sentenced a prominent Uyghur academic to life imprisonment

Chinese government has reportedly sentenced a prominent Uyghur academic to life imprisonment on charges of "endangering state security."

Lanzhou Mosque incident fuels controversy surrounding China’s policies

The Lanzhou Xiguan Mosque has now become the latest casualty of the sinicization campaign igniting controversy.

China hosts delegates from Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

China hosted delegates from the OIC earlier this month, sparked debates about the authenticity of China's narrative

Struggle for religious pilgrimage amidst tightened controls in China

China's citizens defy surveillance and obstacles to pursue religious pilgrimages, amidst tightening government controls