Outgoing chief scientist accuses WHO of Covid blunder

The outgoing chief scientist of the World Health Organization (WHO) admitted on Wednesday that the body should have warned the public that Covid-19 can be transmitted through aerosols “much earlier” than it did.

China sets record for daily Covid-19 cases as economic situation turns bleak

China registered its highest number of daily coronavirus infections since the start of the pandemic almost three years ago, official data has shown.

Indian-American Gita Gopinath takes on the second-highest role in IMF

Gopinath, 49 would take over as the First Deputy Managing Director in January 2022. She also has the honor of being the first woman Chief Economist in the international body's history.

Dr. Oz could become the first Muslim elected to the US Senate

The famous cardiothoracic surgeon turned television celebrity has declared running for one the most consequential states of the next elections. If he wins it would make him the first Muslim elected to the US Senate.

UK: Pakistani mother separated from terminally ill daughter due to Covid

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, the global social structure has seen a significant collapse. Many countries have taken self-serving approaches, which has had dire consequences for migrants, students, and dual-nationality holders. This has been especially relevant in the case of Sabiha Waseem, a Pakistani-British citizen.

PM Imran Khan: ‘Smart Lockdowns’ helped Pakistan mitigate Covid

In an interview with Axios, PM Imran Khan said that the country's campaign against the Covid Pandemic was successful due to smart lockdowns.

Pakistan donates PPEs to Afghanistan for the fight against COVID-19

Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority has donated Personal Protection Equipment to Afghanistan to combat Covid-19.

India prioritizing military over healthcare despite COVID crisis

India has become the third-highest military spender globally, but with the ongoing Pandemic is it really what it should be prioritizing?

OXFAM report reveals it took one pandemic to expose all flaws

 Was it a mere coincidence, a well-thought-out analysis, or the power of imagination that made Prime Minister Imran Khan announce 100% Universal health coverage...

Prime Minister Imran Khan proposes equitable COVID vaccine supply at UN

Prime Minister Imran Khan Monday presented a five-point agenda to address the structural barriers in global prosperity, proposing equitable supply of COVID-19 vaccine to...

President Biden to restore COVID travel ban

President Joe Biden will re-impose a Covid-19 travel ban on most non-US citizens who have been in Britain, Brazil, Ireland and much of Europe, a...

Egypt’s search for a fig leaf: It’s not the Handball World Championship

Egyptian general-turned-president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi sees the 2021 men’s handball world championship in Cairo and Alexandria as an opportunity to put his best foot...