Islamic Fintech’s role in financial inclusion and ethical innovation

Fintech revolution, merging finance with technology for innovative, accessible, and inclusive financial solutions

Haqq Blockchain revolution: Islamic Coin and the future of Islamic finance

Sharia-compliant cryptocurrency on the Haqq Blockchain, empowering financial growth and promoting ethical investments globally.

Pioneering halal crypto adoption in the Middle East with Islamic coin

The halal cryptocurrency powering Haqq ecosystem, driving crypto adoption and promoting Islamic finance worldwide.

Standard Chartered predicts Bitcoin to hit $100,000 by end of 2024

Bitcoin has rallied so far this year, rising above $30,000 in April for the first time in ten months. Its gains represent a partial recovery after trillions of dollars were wiped from the crypto sector in 2022.

The power of branding: why Elon Musk changed his twitter logo to Dogecoin

Elon Musk has always shown his support to the Dogecoin, changing the logo might just be another strategy to promote the cryptocurrency.

India’s central bank governor warned of Crypto causing next global financial crisis

India's central bank governor warned Wednesday that cryptocurrency markets risked causing the next global financial crisis, saying the recent collapse of FTX was proof of the sector's "inherent risks".

Formalization of crypto trading in Pakistan

Rain Financial is urging local officials to establish a legislative framework for the formalization of crypto trading in Pakistan.

SBP declares online forex trading platforms illegal

State Bank of Pakistan took notice of the growing illegal forex trading activity on online platforms such as OctaFX and Easy Forex.

Elon Musk loses title of richest man overnight after ‘Diamond hands’ tweet

Elon Musk recently tweeted about how "Tesla has Diamond hands," but can he maintain that stance for long? And can those that he inspires?

Is Cryptocurrency becoming the modern-day Pyramid Scheme?

Cryptocurrency has become one of the most discussed topics. However, due to scarce information, the investors become prime scam targets.