PTI: Journey of success, failures and resilience

Author and life coach explores PTI's evolving journey to power and its successes and failures in government so far. He argues that if PTI is to be voted in again, it will depend upon the tangible opportunities created for the masses.

Imran Khan: The man who loves the poor

Throughout his 22 years political journey, leading to the Prime Minister’s office Imran Khan has had to face many struggles. From battling the country's oligarchy to inheriting an economy in a complete mess to how he wants Pakistan to transform no matter how long it takes.

Peace on Whose Terms: Expert opinion on Indo-Pak relations

 Dr. Maleeha Lodhi Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the United Nations It is much too early to assess the future prospects of a  troubled relationship, especially as...

View of State Bank’s Autonomy through experts’ lens

Since it first leaked to the public last month, the news of a proposed amendment in the central bank’s status has become a topic of national discussion. Some people have gone so far as to call it an IMF conspiracy to break Pakistan while others thought it was against our national interest and needed to incorporate other objectives such as growth and employment. We touched base with several commentators who have been looking at this issue to get their views on the SBP autonomy

‘Koi Bhuka na Soye’: Revolutionary scheme for the poor or road to perdition.

A revolutionary program of providing direct subsidy to 30 million families – around half of the country’s population from June was launched in March by PM Khan. However, the government has not explained how long the program is to continue, how much participation is from the private sector and how much will be funded by federal versus provincial governments, who now after the 18th Amendment should ultimately be responsible for such schemes.

Why Regionally Competitive Energy tariffs are needed for textile sector!

Authors argue that the government proposal to remove the RCET policy and offer DLTL scheme of rebates to exporters instead is a highly illogical policy that spoils their efforts undertaken for the past two-half years, which has led to an expansion and growth of the textile sector.

How Engineers, Designers and Architects fought the pandemic

The deadly virus brought forth ‘unlikely’ heroes from all nations. Engineering & construction companies worldwide – from China to Mexico to Turkey - stepped up to help their nations fight against the pandemic. These unsung heroes helped frontline health warriors by delivering high-quality prefab hospitals in rapid time. In Pakistan, the FWO rose to this challenge by building Pakistan’s first-ever designated prefabricated hospital. Isolation Hospital and Infections Treatment Center (IHITC), Islamabad, to tackle the COVID-19 cases, was built in a record time of 40 days -despite Margalla hills gift: unrelenting rains. With the arrival of the third-wave, more of these engineering marvels may be needed.

Afghan Peace enters a crucial phase: Challenges Ahead?

Senior diplomat argues that with a new administration in Washington, new challenges have arisen in Afghanistan’s already chaotic political landscape. Many major players have come forward posturing to take part in the revival of what is notoriously known as the “Graveyard of Nations.”

The Pendulum swings on Pakistan relations with India

Long-time diplomat argues that reaching out to India while the Indian state continues to inflict bloody blows to Kashmiris diminishes Pakistan’s national and international stature. He enquires what has materially changed on the ground in the past 19 months to precipitate a ‘rethink’? Does the change relate to an operational strategy, or Islamabad finds its goals having been shrunk?

Covid ‘vaccine nationalism’ highlights failure of Multi-lateral system

Covid 19 has revealed many harsh realities of the ‘Globalised World’. Not only has the wealth gap further increased, the vaccine rollout has shown that in times of need even the human life has a price tag.

Promoting Sustainable Construction Sector

The developed world has already realized that PVC is the future of sustainable construction. With climate change becoming a more significant threat with each passing day, and Pakistan being one of the most vulnerable countries to this, it is high time that the Pakistani governments start encouraging sustainable techniques in the construction sector.

Does Pakistan need an autonomous State Bank?

State Bank's former governor agrees with the recent amendment in State Bank of Pakistan granting it greater autonomy. However, he believes objectives like Employment and Growth should not be compromised.