Pakistan’s new Political Map: A Master Stroke?

Hassan Aslam Shad, an International Law expert based in the Middle East, has written extensively on International Lawfare. Najma Minhas Editor Global Village Space interviewed him to understand why he views the new political map issued by Pakistan through the lawfare angle. 

GVS exclusive interview with Tony Ashai, a businessman turned Kashmiri Activist

Tony Ashai shares his experience of social activism, what Pakistani and Kashmiri American's are doing in the United States to help their brethren back in Indian occupied Kashmir. He talks of the vigilantism he has personally faced from BJP stalwarts who even threatened to kill him.

Viceroy House Is Revisionist History At Its Lowest Point

The movie goes as far as to pin Jinnah as a troublemaker who single-handedly orchestrated a partition that divided an otherwise peaceful India, while not mentioning the communal violence or unrest that lead to Pakistan’s creation.

Jinnah: great film to watch for facts on Indo-Pak partition

The movie "Jinnah" is rich with historical facts and tries to accurately and objectively portray the much debated partition of the subcontinent in 1947.

Eurovision: A comedy without laughs but plenty of star power

The movie follows two Icelandic singers from a small town who want to become contestants of the Eurovision Song Contest.