Dr Ashfaque Hasan Khan member Economic Advisory Council’s talks economics with GVS

Dr. Ashfaque H Khan member of the Economic Advisory Council of the Government of Pakistan talks with GVS on the economic prospects of Pakistan.

Why India Should Investigate Terrorism Challenges levelled by Pakistan

The author argues that India’s action of rejecting the Pakistani dossier as a “figment of imagination” is a bizarre act of irresponsibility. Under its commitments under UNSC resolutions, it needs to investigate the charges, as Pakistan has done in the past.

DG ISPR Gen. Babar Iftikhar on Pakistan & Fifth Generation Warfare

DG ISPR explains how Pakistan facing fifth generation warfare intends to move forward on the Dossier on Indian terrorism, Indian actions to disrupt CPEC, information warfare, defence diplomacy, and the Pakistan Army’s work with NCOC.

PDM good start but will go nowhere!

Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM movement) of the combined opposition, that started with a bang, attracted media attention, was putting both the government and the establishment under pressure, now seems to be fizzling out. Series of blunders and a bad hand dealt by the second wave of corona pandemic has now left opposition parties so battered and confused that they are not even sure how to find an exit out of the embarrassing “political cul de sac” – GVS Report examines.

Khadim Hussain Rizvis’ of France

The world has respected France for "ideas", but the narrow-minded reactions of those in Macron's France don't inspire much faith in the future of French ideas.

Khadim Hussain Rizvi: The Man and the phenomenon! Will this be the end of TLP?

The man, Khadim Hussain Rizvi, has died but will this be the end of the politically destabilizing phenomenon he created? Editor Global Village Space examines the rise of TLP as a movement and argues that its genesis lies in the class and world view fault lines of Pakistani social and political order.


Imran Khan’s strict belief in “smart lockdowns” definitely worked. While, Pakistan’s opposition parties, urban elite, the medical community and most in the world kept...