Challenges of ‘Made in Pakistan’

GVS Special Feature comprises of information reports and pieces from consultants and analysts who analyze the current export scenario and give suggestions of what our country needs in terms of policies and reforms that will help us in the long run.

10 Titans of Pakistani Business

No discussion of a country’s economy can make sense without referring to the top ten corporate entities that drive the domestic economy and contribute to exports.

Breaking Out of the Textile Economy – Pakistan’s Industrial Policy for the Next Decade

International development consultant and policy advisor argues for Pakistan to achieve an economic turnaround, its narrow export basket needs to be diversified with high-value and tech-savvy products. Governmental support needs to go against popular notions of leveling the playing field, and instead only give incentives to winners. Yes, it should be preferring sectors driven by innovation and differentiation!

Pakistan’s Exports – Unexpected surge amidst new opportunities

How the Pandemic disrupted the Apple cart - Secretary-General, Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) unpacks the paradox of rising Pakistani exports – that have suddenly grown faster than the regional competitors India and Bangladesh. Goheer explains how the Imran Khan government’s policies and reforms coming along with the Covid-19 supply chain disruptions among regional countries, have given a new boost to Pakistan’s exports. He expands how Pakistan should develop sustainable export-oriented policies to continue this growth trend.

Et tu, Brute? Senate: Where it came from?

Pakistan’s upcoming Senate elections have brought up questions of opacity over how Senators are elected. We share a brief history of the development of the institution as an upper chamber from its ancient Roman roots.

Why or why not an ‘open ballot’: Insights by experts Senate Elections 2021

A number of experts, from legal and constitutional lawyers, politicians and civil society gave us their views on what they thought about the government's initiative on the open ballot for senate elections.

Pakistani Senate Elections: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

Prominent TV anchor and Editor Global Village Space sheds light on the transition of Pakistan’s unicameral parliamentary system into a bicameral one and PTI government’s move to seek an advisory judgment from the Supreme Court on the question of ‘open vote’ in the backdrop of the upcoming Senate elections. Will it be able to curb the malpractice of horse trading – a new open market in the electoral arena of Pakistan? 

How the Afghan Endgame can spiral out of control

Lt. Gen Tariq Khan, former Inspector General FC and Commander 14th Infantry Division in South Waziristan, looks at the complex challenges for all stakeholders in Afghanistan end game as Biden administration orders a review of Doha Peace Deal - and Indians want the US to stay back.

Can Biden repair American power?

After the disastrous presidency of President Trump, the Biden Administration offers the world a new ray of hope and a decisive opportunity at a critical moment in world history.

Op-ed: The broadsheet saga is the ‘crash’ of Pakistan’s institutions

International lawyer gives a stinging analysis of Pakistan's series of blunders and missteps once again on the international law front - this time exposed in the Broadsheet Saga. He argues country needs to do away with reliance on 'international' experts and should set up a Lawfare ministry, which takes responsibility for all international related issues and is not working on an ad hoc basis. The world respects those who honor their contracts and we cannot afford to look like buffoons repeatedly on such issues.

Miftah Ismail blasts PTI’s economic performance

Former Finance Minister Miftah Ismail explains why the government's hype on export numbers is nothing to crow over given the massive depreciation the country has seen the past 2.5 years.

EXCLUSIVE! Mustafa Akyol: Is Islam facing a crisis?

Mustafa Akyol, the author of Islam without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty, exclusively spoke with GVS to explain the rise of Islamophobia in the West. He offers his insights to uphold the dignity of Islam, and the Prophet (P.B.H). Akyol also shares some themes of his forthcoming book Reopening Muslim Minds: A Return to Reason, Freedom, and Tolerance with us. Read his complete interview here.