Pakistan elevates first woman judge to the Supreme Court

The Judicial Commission of Pakistan has created history by elevating Justice Ayesha Malik to the Supreme Court – the highest judicial forum of the country. For the first time ever, a woman judge will be represented on the bench of this Muslim country's exclusively male-dominated top court.

Abdullah Manto: Fisherman who loves releasing the fish back into waters!

Abdullah is a Canadian of Pakistani origin who lives in the UAE and keeps shuttling between these three regions. But this is not an introduction for this 18-year-old law student who aspires to be a conservationist. What intrigues GVS editors about him is his unusual fascination for the fish of the world.

AKD Securities Ltd. wins title of “Best Retail Brokerage”

Asiamoney ranked AKD Securities Ltd at the top in the category of best retail brokerage.

Pakistan in 2022, National Security Challenges

Finally, January marks the beginning of 2022 and reminds us of our existing challenges, and continuing struggle to modernize economy, role of technology and skill development, population pressures, woman empowerment, and myriad issues related to all these.

Population Time Bomb: Can it be avoided?

Pakistan's population is on its current trajectory is set to increase by another 5-6 million within the next 12 months. Former World Bank Advisor and development expert expresses his shock over the policymakers' blatant disregard for the ticking time bomb facing the country.

A Tech Revolution Brews in Pakistan

To become a competitive geoeconomic state as envisioned by the National Security Policy, Pakistan has to have a strategic vision about technology-led growth, which will only be made possible by cultivating a knowledge ecosystem in the country.

New Vision for Economic Transformation; Rethinking Resource Allocation and Productive Structures

Javed Hassan, Chair of the independent think tank, Economic Advisory Group (EAG), presents a vision for the economic transformation of Pakistan at the beginning of 2022

NLC kicks off wheat transportation to Afghanistan

NLC will transport a total of 50,000 tonnes of wheat through four border crossing points along the Pak-Afghan border. In this connection, the first consignment of 1800 tonnes of wheat was handed over to Afghan Minister for National Disaster Management. is Poised to Set New Standards for Information-Driven Property Markets, Pakistan’s leading property portal – at the beginning of 2022 - continues to redefine the nature of property development, marketing, and sales across Pakistan.

Police, State and Society: Challenges And Opportunities in Pakistan

Pakistan's policing challenges, in the first quarter of 21st century, are acute as the country's population, governance structures, security considerations, geography, colonial past, and politics directly affect the policing system in the country.

Businesses Stepping Up to act on Climate Change

Nestlé Pakistan was one of the companies that set a precedent in Pakistan - a developing country that is the most vulnerable country to climate change. Under its roadmap, the company has pledged to reduce its emissions by 20 percent by 2025; by 2030, they will halve their emissions and become a Net Zero company by 2050.

She Loves Tech; Empowering Women in Pakistan

Getting Women into STEM areas is a challenge worldwide, but particularly for Pakistan where only around 20 percent women are in labour force.