Urea exports: Massive opportunity for the economy of Pakistan

There is a need to recognize that locally manufactured urea can become one of the top exports of Pakistan without any additional investments by the industry, which can be an essential component for the government’s Vision 2025 which seeks to elevate Pakistan’s position from a lower middle income to an upper-middle income country by pursuing an ambitious, export-led growth strategy.

Internet Voting: Opportunities and Challenges for Pakistan

Former secretary ECP is skeptical of the government's initiative to introduce internet voting to get the Pakistani diaspora involved in the country's elections. He argues the initiative comes with serious challenges of lack of accountability and transparency that even most developed nations have failed to overcome. He cautions the government to be judicious in using electoral technologies without an in-depth analysis and feasibility studies considering the socio, economic and cultural environment of the country.

Central Trade Corridor: Envisioning integration and connectivity

Local road networks play an essential role in developing the economy by improving its macroeconomic indicators. Thus, under its local and regional integrative framework, the ongoing CTC project strives to create a win-win situation through constructing a robust within and cross border infrastructure, boosting trade flows, and alleviating the misery of the people living in the scourge of war and devastation. FWO has been a flag-bearer in development of Central Trade Corridor (CTC) by linking Indus Highway with Afghanistan at Angoor Adda and Ghulam Khan. They have constructed 557 km of roads, 40 bridges, and 2 tunnels. Access to Afghanistan through Central Trade Corridor is 100 km shorter than the traditional trade route through Khyber Pass.

Empowering Pakistan’s youth: PM’s YES Scheme

Now that most of the country's major banks have said yes to "YES," the program initiated by PM Imran Khan, it will be a positive incentive for the youth and those with ideas to start their businesses, which by extension could become significant contributors to Pakistan's economic growth and development.

Communist Party China: Taking 700m Chinese out of Poverty

President Xi Jinping, on 25 February 2021, announced the end of absolute poverty in China. The Communist Party of China was a significant factor in China’s economic prosperity since, due to its long-term, strategic policy-making, it managed a miraculous feat by taking 770 million people out of poverty.

Escaping the graveyard of nations: Expert Opinions

It is looking likely that after the USA leaves, a good deal of political uncertainty is about to hit Afghanistan - what should Pakistan be doing under this scenario? PM Imran Khan has flatly refused to allow the US base in Pakistan but should he have been more flexible as Pakistan requires US support to get off from the FATF grey list and is also seeking relaxation under the present IMF program? Our experts looked at the Implications of US bases in Pakistan, potential benefits to the country, and ramifications of political uncertainty in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Important Questions for the Future

The question that everyone fears and wishes to ignore is that once the U.S. leaves Afghanistan, who will take the herculean task to help run this war-ravaged economy? China's mediatory role post-American withdrawal will be pivotal, and maybe the U.S.A. will not be as averse to the idea as we may believe.

Covid-19 response in India and Pakistan

In its urgency to be one of the leading powers in the world, India, like its ally, the US, has ironically ushered into the world's deadliest Covid-19 related catastrophes. Has it been an unlucky stroke of fate or was the Indian government responsible?

Afghanistan: Freedom on the horizon

Pakistan's former Defense Secretary sees three possible emerging scenarios in Afghanistan. The first would be a smooth transition; the second would be an abrasive transition in which an intra-Afghan dialogue and kinetic struggle would settle the final paradigm of political structure for the country, and the third and most complicated situation is if the Peace Process totally fails, the country falls into an abyss of chaos and destruction. Such an outcome would obviously be a bombshell for Pakistan, and it is this eventuality for which we appear to be least prepared.

Nishan-e-Haider: Tales of Sacrifices

Three Nishan-e-Haider recipients attained martyrdom in July, Captain Muhammad Sarwar, Captain Karnal Sher Khan, and Havaldar Lalak Jan; their bravery and valor keep them in the country's consciousness and their memories remain a source of inspiration for future generations. Long Live a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan!

The HIT: More than just tanks

Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one single step! Following the advice of philosopher Lao Tzu, Pakistan and China initiated limited joint defense production in July 1971. This sapling has now blossomed into the sprawling Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) that has become the country's backbone to meet indigenous needs. On its 50th Anniversary, Chairman HIT, Maj. Gen. Aamir Raza reminiscences on the history and evolution of HIT and its vision ahead.

President Xi rallies Party for “unstoppable” pursuit to national rejuvenation as CPC celebrates centenary

President Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, delivered a resounding speech at a ceremony marking the centenary of the CPC in Beijing, China, July 1, 2021.