Nowruz: Spring brings rebirth and renewal

Nowruz or the Iranian New Year is a famous festival celebrated mainly by Persians all around the world. GVS looks at its origins, customs, and how it is celebrated in Pakistan and elsewhere.

Climate Change and Pakistan’s Water Security

22 March 2021, observed by the UN as a World Water Day, highlights the importance of freshwater in our lives. Research Associate at the International Policy Research Institute looks at Pakistan's dire water security issues – the country is already in severe water crisis mode related to climate change, population pressure, and geographical location.

Pakistan’s Lawyers: Unaccountable Lawless Brigade?

Legal experts Raja Amir Abbas, Dr. Farooq Bajwa, Hassan Aslam Shad, Barrister Faisal Khan Toru, give their views on Pakistan's black coats aggressive behavior against other state institutions; Why have Pakistan's Lawyers become an unaccountable Lawless Brigade, what is behind it, and where is it headed.

Civil Services Reform: Pakistan’s Lingering Challenge

Founding editor Nayadaur and former civil servant argues there is widespread consensus in Pakistan that the bureaucracy needs reform. However, focusing on the federal level alone and ignoring the requisite changes needed at the provincial and local level will not achieve the necessary socio-economic policy development results.

Addressing Pakistan’s Gas Crisis through Energy Efficiency

Authors argue that government interventions enforcing minimum quality standards along with energy conservation measures are likely to have greater impact on improving efficiency of gas used in the country, as against any benefits that are likely to come about from its proposals to have a moratorium on gas supply to captive power plants.

Balochistan: The Decade Ahead

Pakistan’s eminent historian elucidates on how Balochistan’s problems are rooted in history and have scarcely changed in the past seventy years. As Pakistan looks towards the next decade in this twenty-first century, change in Balochistan is essential if the country is to progress. Disregarding Balochistan’s issues will not just keep the province where it is, but also stymie progress and growth in the rest of Pakistan.

Lawyer’s Movement: How it transformed Pakistani politics and society

Editor Global Village Space reflects back whether the March 2007 Lawyers movement achieved what it set out to do and how inadvertently it contributed, with the support of a sensationalist media, to the rise of hooliganism of the black coats.

Makran Coastal Highway: Balochistan’s bridge across time and space!

GVS looks at Balochistan's dusty, dirty Jeep road, which used to have few passengers and goods traveling due to insecurity, and how it by the turn of the millennium turned into a state-of-the-art dual carriageway. It provides the logistics backbone to link Gwadar with South Balochistan and the rest of the country and brought about significant socioeconomic changes in the region.

CM Balochistan Jam Kamal shares his vision for prosperous Balochistan

Jam Kamal Khan explains the province's challenges, his government's priorities, He wants CPEC to play a bigger role in Balochistan and tells us what needs to be done to bring 'Naraz Baloch' back into the fold.

Cotton: Handling the White Gold Crisis of Pakistan

GVS looks at Pakistan's white gold (cotton) crisis, which may have a silver lining if the government uses this as an opportunity to undertake reforms and incentivize the textile sector to encourage greater movement towards the value-added sector.

Recreating ‘Native Forests’ using the Miyawaki Forest

The idea of a Japanese Miyawaki model couldn't have arrived at a more opportune moment for Pakistan – a country particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and in dire need of innovative methods for carrying out swift afforestation projects to restore and rejuvenate the environment.

Celebrating Pakistani Women: Arshia Ahmad Head of HR Engro Fertilizers

Pakistan's corporate and financial sector is still very male-dominated, and women face many difficulties in reaching senior positions. We interviewed Arshia Ahmad Saqib to hear her experience; personal challenges, glass ceilings and what kept her going.