Disruptive President: Trump 2016-20 legacy on US Foreign Policy

With a new man in the White House, GVS looks back at the outgoing president's disruptive foreign policy.

Goodbye Trump! View from Beijing!

Trump was erratic and predictably unpredictable, but will Biden Presidency make any difference to Sino-US Relations? How Chinese have looked at the US transition in Washington, Zoon Ahmed, offers an insider view from Beijing.

FATF on Pakistan: Politics of Course – but where do we stand?

Pakistan after making sizeable progress has successfully avoided the FATF black list but with six more points to comply with, a debt-ridden country struggles to make it out of FATF's grey list.

Biden: New Man in the White House; Pakistan’s way forward?

America’s president elect Joe Biden is an institutional man representing a continuity of the past 50 year of American diplomacy and world view. He may prove to be another one-time president; his liberal democratic renewal in the Oval Office represents Pakistan with new challenges and opportunities. Editor Global Village Space analyses.

Editorial – Magazine

America’s Divisive Elections When the dust will finally settle – and unless a strange thing happens beyond our conception – Joe Biden will take oath...