Aqeel Karim Dhedhi: Investing heart, mind, and soul into Pakistan

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, Pakistan's foremost stock market doyen and top Karachi business tycoon, speaks frankly to support the PTI government's achievements in the past three years. They [PTI government] gave the injured patient the medicine it needed to recover, and he postulates the economy is now going to move from strength to strength. He does not remember how long it has been since he has invested outside the country and says he is fully invested in Pakistan with all his heart, mind, and soul!

End of an American century or start of a new one?

US exit from Kabul is being described as Fall of Saigon or worse: Fall of Bastille for the west but it appears more like a strategic retreat argues London based geo-strategic analyst, Dr. Ejaz Hussain.

Pakistanis must not draw wrong conclusions from Taliban victory– Lt. Gen. Tariq Khan

Gen. Tariq Khan, ex-head Pakistan's Central Command warns all those celebrating American defeat, he argues that Pakistanis must not draw wrong lessons from Taliban victory, situation is fluid and Pakistan needs to help bring stability in Afghanistan for its own peace and prosperous future.