ByteDance Accused of Assisting Chinese Surveillance on Hong Kong Activists

ByteDance, faces allegations of aiding Chinese surveillance on HK activists, sparking concerns about user privacy and freedom of expression.

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy Controversy

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy's relationship controversy has sparked online debates about celebrity hypocrisy and double standards.

Andrew Tate Faces Backlash Over Controversial BBC Interview

Andrew Tate faces backlash over an interview, igniting debate surrounding misogyny, rape allegations, and the responsibility of media outlets.

Zahra Barri’s journey as a comedian turned author

Comedian Zahra Barri takes readers on a captivating journey through queerness, revolution, and Islamic sisterhood in her debut book.

Comedian Uncle Roger Banned from Chinese Social Media After Controversial Jokes

The fate of Uncle Roger raises important questions about the balance between humor, politics, and censorship.

Writer of Tere Bin serial defends marital rape scene

The scene did not go well with the Tere Bin fans who expressed their outrage on social media for a not-so-well shocker in the drama serial. Writer Nooran Makhdoom is now defending the scene in several interviews.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour: A Dazzling Spectacle

Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour is a stunning display of artistry, creativity, and showmanship.

Taylor Swift fandom believes she’s the author of a book releasing on July 9th

Swifties believe the untitled book to be Taylor Swift's new project, the excitement soars as they decipher her latest posts.

Egypt’s Cleopatra: The controversy continues

Controversy over Cleopatra's skin colour continues as Egypt's state-affiliated media produces a documentary on the Pharaonic ruler.

Sharmeen Obaid expressed admiration for Gold House on Instagram

Gold House appreciated by renowned director Obaid-Chinoy, advances authentic storytelling and representation of API communities

Messi’s unauthorised trip to Saudi Arabia: The fallout and future

Lionel Messi's trip to Saudi Arabia and subsequent suspension by PSG sparks controversy and raises questions about club obligations.

Ministry of Information launches OTT platform PTVFlix

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb announces the launch of OTT platform PTVFlix an attempt to connect the Pakistani audiences with the golden...