McDonald’s to buy back its Israeli restaurants

The fast food chain has reported decreased sales amid boycotts in Muslim countries over the Gaza conflict

Who invented butter chicken? Indian judge to rule on dispute over global favourite

The dispute has captured the nation’s attention with Indian TV broadcasters running segments on the history of the dish and debate raging on social media.

The Taiwan Halal Center made a significant appearance at the 2023 MIHAS

The Taiwan Halal Center's collaboration with eight Taiwanese companies at MIHAS 2023 marks a significant milestone.

World rice prices near 15-year highs

Indian export restrictions and dry weather in Thailand have disrupted the global food market

Burger King introduces meatless burger with 20 slices of cheese

Burger King in Thailand is making waves with an unconventional burger — a meat-free cheese extravaganza sandwich filled with 20 slices of American cheese.

Elephant habitat loss in Asia due to human activities

Human activities such as deforestation, agriculture, and urbanization have led to the fragmentation of elephant habitats.

French Fries and Mental Health: New Research Suggests a Link

Although fried foods are often considered a convenient and tasty option, they can have negative impacts on both physical and mental health.

Food safety concerns raised as Islamabad’s most famous bakery sealed

A popular bakery in Islamabad has been sealed by authorities due to Hepatitis outbreak caused by contaminated products.

UN, Turkey and Ukraine go ahead with grain deal

The United Nations, Turkey and Ukraine pressed ahead to implement a Black Sea grain deal, despite Russia's withdrawal from the pact that has allowed the export of Ukrainian agricultural products to world markets

The shared civilizational aspirations of Indonesia, US and Islam

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to boost efforts by the world’s largest Muslim movement to re-contextualize Islam during a forthcoming visit...

Chinese soldier who strayed across Ladakh border is returned by India

India on Wednesday returned a Chinese soldier named Wang, detained after straying across Ladakh border where the two countries have clashed in recent months,...

Op-ed: Fee hike in exports has left Pakistani businesses rattled

The recent increase in the fee for obtaining Phyto-certificate, mandatory for the export of perishable items, by 800 per cent without comparing with the...