Cannes opens with Johnny Depp’s French comeback drama

The 59-year-old's career has nosedived in Hollywood, despite his victory in a defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard last year that featured bitter domestic violence allegations.

French citizens march against proposed immigration changes

Mass protests in France against proposed immigration law changes and evictions from Mayotte, led by undocumented migrants and activists.

The Muslim brotherhood’s influence in Europe

Bergeaud-Blackler's book on the Muslim Brotherhood exposes its efforts to spread Islamism in Europe, drawing both praise and criticism.

Breaking the fast in France: The rise of food delivery services for Ramadan

Online services aid French Muslims to have a proper Iftar meal despite having less time after work during Ramadan.

Ukrainian crisis addressed in Macron’s Three-day visit to China

The French President visits China, calls for diplomacy and addresses youth on the importance of technology for a better future.

France sets trial for 14 individuals, including 6 minors, for the beheading of Samuel Paty

Fourteen people, including six minors, are set to stand trial in Paris for the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty.

France bans TikTok, other ‘recreational’ apps on work phones of public servants

These apps ‘do not have sufficient level of cybersecurity, data protection,’ according to Public Service Ministry

France slammed for ‘excessive force’ against protests

The violence must stop, said the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner

Violence flares as French protesters vent fury at Macron reform

The uproar over the imposition of the reform -- which the government chose to push through without a parliamentary vote -- has turned into the biggest domestic crisis of Macron's second term in office.

France begins new era with Mbappe as captain

Off the field, a series of scandals brought down veteran French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet but not before he had agreed a deal for coach Didier Deschamps to remain in his job until 2026.

France, Britain vow to find ‘new approaches’ to Russian threats

U.K. and France welcomed a "moment of reunion" following years of political upheaval between the two countries post-Brexit.

Macron says era of French interference in Africa is ‘over’

Anti-French sentiment runs high in some former African colonies as the continent becomes a renewed diplomatic battleground, with Russian and Chinese influence growing in the region.