French far-right sends shockwaves as Macron loses majority

Securing 42% in April's presidential election, Le Pen had already tapped into the general disenchantment

Rheinmetall’s MBT Panther KF51 set to dominate the modern battlefield

Rheinmetall claims that the Panther KF51 is a first of its kind Main Battle Tank based on a radically new concept that derive its strength from some of the latest technologies.

Banning hijab means civil war in France: President Macron warns

2 candidates clash on number of contested issues in only public debate ahead of polls Sunday

France, Russia advise Iran against uranium metal production

Russia and France on Thursday urged Iran to show restraint after it started producing uranium metal in a new breach of limits laid out...

Macron is doing to Muslims what the Nazis did to the Jews

Pakistan’s minister for human rights has accused Emmanuel Macron of his treatment of his country’s Muslim population like Jews in Nazi Germany after the...

Is Macron trying to make amends?

President Emmanuel Macron sought to calm flaring tensions with Muslims around the world on Saturday, telling an Arab TV channel he understood that caricatures...

UN expresses ‘deep concern’ on tensions over satirical cartoons of Prophet Muhammad

The head of a UN anti-extremism body expressed "deep concern" Wednesday about growing tensions over satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, urging "mutual respect"...