Aisha Abdel Gawad debut novel called “Between Two Moons” reflecting post 9/11 America

Aisha Abdel Gawad's debut novel, 'Between Two Moons,' vividly portrays the struggles of young Muslims in post-9/11 America.

Noorain Fatima Khan, GSUSA’s first Muslim American President

Noorain Fatima Khan makes history as Girl Scouts of the USA's (GSUSA) first Muslim American National Board President

Aftermath of Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

Trump's immigration ban left refugee families in limbo, causing a backlog of cases delaying family reunification.

Campaign for hijab rights amidst anti-Muslim bias

Alaa Massri's courageous fight against hijab violation in US arrests sheds light on the battle for religious freedom and respect.

Massachusetts court exposes discrimination in conviction of Black Muslim man

Landmark ruling in Massachusetts grants new trial to Black Muslim man as court exposes lawyer's bigotry, highlighting discrimination.

Muslim US citizen accused of aiding ISIS

Mohammed Chhipa allegedly aided ISIS with funds, including Bitcoin, to smuggle female members from detention camps.

Rabia Ashraf publishes first book with the help of Kean University

Kean University student Rabia Ashraf, an immigrant and person of colour, finds publishing success with the help of encouraging faculty.

Unpacking misconceptions: John Esposito on the true nature of Islam

Esposito, a distinguished professor of religion and author of over 50 books on Islam, talks about Islam in recent interview.

Muslim Mayor prevented from attending Eid-ul-fitr celebration at the White House

According to the New Jersey chapter of CAIR he received a call just before he was set to arrive stating that he had not been cleared for entry

Trump’s return to politics and the spectre of the travel ban

Donald Trump vows to reinstate the controversial travel ban on citizens of Islamic nations if he is elected president in 2024.

Empire State building illuminates in green to celebrate Eid ul Fitr

Empire State Building illuminates green to honour Eid ul Fitr, symbolising acceptance and inclusivity towards Muslims.

Dearborn sets an example for inclusivity: Recognizing Muslim holidays

Michigan's decision to offer Eid al-Fitr as a paid holiday for city employees and its significance for inclusivity.